WATCH: Netflix Shares a Message from Count Olaf in Teaser for ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ Season 2

Count Olaf and the Baudelaire Orphans are back in season 2 of “A Series of Unfortunate Events.”

The Netflix original series will return with ten new episodes on March 30.

The series is based on the popular children’s book series of the same name. Despite its dark themes, the series is quite funny. It follows the Baudelaire children, three siblings who become orphans when their wealthy parents die in a fire. Their closest living relative is Count Olaf, an aspiring thespian and dreadful person. After his evil plans are revealed, the children are sent from one increasingly bad situation to the next.

The first season covered the first four novels, devoting two episodes to each book. There are thirteen books altogether, and three planned seasons. Season 2 will include the tales of “The Ersatz Elevator” and “The Vile Village,” among others.

Neil Patrick Harris stars as the evil Count Olaf. Patrick Warburton serves as narrator Lemony Snicket. Malina Weissman (“Super Girl”), Louis Hynes (“The Saint”), and Presley Smith play the orphans Violet, Klaus, and Sunny. K. Todd Freeman (“The Dark Knight”) also stars as Mr. Poe, the children’s legal representative.

Many guest stars show up throughout, including Alfre Woodard, Joan Cusack, Aasif Mandvi, Catherine O’Hara, and Tony Hale. There are also recurring visits from Cobie Smulders and Will Arnett.

“A Series of Unfortunate Events” was brought to television by Barry Sonnenfeld, who also directed most episodes. Several episodes were penned by Daniel Handler, who also wrote the novels.

The complete first season is available on Netflix now.

All ten episodes of season 2 will be available for streaming beginning March 30.

Did you watch the first season of “A Series of Unfortunate Events?” Which story lines are you looking forward to in season 2? Comment below and share your thoughts!