Academy Idol 11 Top 8: Guild Week!

Hello all! Welcome back to another week of Academy Idol 11! We’ve had an eventful week here at Awards Circuit. With the launch of the new Circuit Center 2.0 beta, Circuit Precursor Chart, and the Circuit Consideration pieces, there’s a lot of new content to sift through. However, it wouldn’t be awards season with Academy Idol, so let’s recap our double elimination week and start the voting on Week 8: Guild Week.

First up, let’s discuss the results from the Top 10 Double Elimination round. Our top 3 was a familiar sight, with “Lady Bird,” “Call Me By Your Name” and “The Shape of Water” taking home the most votes again. All three have already won a week. None of them have finished worse than 4th. They all show real strength, but in double elimination week, one rose to the top. “Call Me Your Name” won by less than 1%, and wins its second week as a result.

Now for the tough part. This week we’re sending home not one, but two movies. Our bottom 4 for this round were “Logan,” “Blade Runner 2049,” “The Disaster Artist” and “Wonder Woman.” There’s a lot of action, sci-fi, and heroes on the table, but unfortunately, two films are going home. This week, “The Disaster Artist” and “Wonder Woman” will end their runs, finishing 9th and 10th respectively.

With another round in the books, it’s time for us to look ahead in our top 8. The Guilds have been coming in fast and heavy, so let’s use that as our theme this week. I’ll give a quick rundown of each film’s results with the Guilds, and you can vote in the poll below! With the race tightening, we will only allow 4 votes this week. Keep supporting your favorites, and voice your support in the comments below!

Blade Runner 2049” – ACE, ASC, CDG, MUAHS

Call Me By Your Name” – PGA, SAG (Chalamet), WGA


Get Out” – ACE, ARTIOS, CDG, DGA, PGA, SAG (Kaluuuya & SAG Ensemble), WGA

Lady Bird” – ACE, ARTIOS, CDG, DGA, PGA, SAG (Ronan, Metcalf, SAG Ensemble) WGA

Logan” – WGA

The Shape of Water” – ACE, ARTIOS, ASC, CAS, CDG, DGA, MUAHS, PGA, SAG (Hawkins, Jenkins), WGA

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” – ACE, ARTIOS, CDG, DGA, MUAHS, PGA, SAG (McDormand, Harrelson, Jenkins, & SAG Ensemble)

This post will be updated once DGA goes live.

What do you think? Which film do you think has benefitted the most from its guild run? Which film has been hurt the most? Let us know in the comments below!

Voting for the Academy Idol 11 Top 8 will conclude on 1/15/18.