Academy Idol 11 Top 4: Number One Votes Only

Welcome back to another week of Academy Idol! Academy Idol 11 enters the Top 4 this week, bringing us to the precipice of the final round. It’s been an extremely close race each week. Before we head into our final stretch, let’s go ahead an review the Top 5 results and move toward the finale.

First up, out Top 3. The safe films this week are “Call Me By Your Name,” “The Shape of Water” and “Lady Bird” once more. All three have been residents of the Top 3 and now they make the turn toward the final vote. Each film has won at least one week this year, but one has stood out as it separates from the pack. “Call Me By Your Name” takes the week again, notching another win in its already impressive run. If this trajectory continues, it will join Academy Idol winner roundtable.

This leaves a bottom 2 of “Dunkirk” and “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.” The two both come from filmmakers from the United Kingdom but are vastly different in their storytelling. “Three Billboards” is a script heavy film featuring transcendent performances. “Dunkirk” is a director’s first movie, with heavy editing and a large ensemble performing as part of a whole. The two may be polar opposites, but one has to go home. One could say that this was a long time coming for our eliminated film, which was actually saved by the AC Staff. The film going home this week is “Dunkirk,” leaving Christopher Nolan out of the festivities.

This leaves us with a Top 4. These four films have been battling back and forth the entire run of Academy Idol. While all have fallen in and out of the Top 4, “Call Me By Your Name” leads the pack with 5 wins. “Lady Bird” has also taken top Prize twice, while “Three Billboards” and “Shape of Water” have won once each. Now that we’re in the top 4, one of our winners will be sent home. Which one will it be?

To make it tougher, we’re only giving our readers ONE vote for the rest of the competition. We’re at the end of this competition, so we want to see our reader’s passion come out in force. Vote for your favorite film of our remaining Top 4. We’ve only got 2 rounds left, so let’s make it count.

What do you think? Which films will advance from the Academy Idol 11 Top 4? Which films will be going home? Let us know in the comments below!

Voting for the Academy Idol 11 Top 4 closes on February 11th.