WATCH: ‘Castle Rock’ Teaser Premieres During Super Bowl

Another teaser for a highly anticipated upcoming series premiered between plays on Sunday night’s Super Bowl.

Stephen King’s characters live side by side in the fictional town of “Castle Rock,” where Henry Deaver (André Holland) travels to after receiving a call from Shawshank Prison (yes, the prison from “Shawshank Redemption”). The town is the stuff of nightmares, where King’s creepy cast of characters secretly cause mayhem. As Sissy Spacek’s Deaver says in the short clip, “something terrible is going to happen.”

Judging by the cameos in the latest teaser, some familiar faces will be appearing in the upcoming series. Both Spacek of “Carrie” fame and Bill Skarsgård (“It”) are set to return alongside Melanie Lyskey (“Togetherness”), Scott Glenn (“The Leftovers”), Jane Levy (“Suburgatory”) and Terry O’Quinn (“Lost”). J.J. Abrams (“Star Wars: The Force Awakens”) executive produces.

“Castle Rock” premieres sometime this summer on Hulu, according to GameSpot. Watch the Super Bowl spot below.

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