‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Scores Second Highest Second Weekend Ever


1. “Avengers: Infinity War” Buena Vista $112,474,000
2. “Overboard” Pantelion $14,750,000
3. “A Quiet Place” Paramount $7,600,000
4. “I Feel Pretty” STX $4,900,000
5. “Rampage” Warner Bros/NewLine $4,620,000
6. “Tully” Focus Features $3,186,000
7. “Black Panther” Buena Vista $3,146,000
8. “Truth or Dare” Universal $1,885,000
9. “Super Troopers 2” Fox $1,815,000
10. “Bad Samaritan” Electric $1,758,000


Much like the last MCU film—which is still in theaters—”Avengers: Infinity War” continues its domination into week two. According to Box Office Mojo, “Infinity War” earned around $112 million on its second weekend. This puts the film at about $450M in the US. Earlier this week, it also crossed the $1 Billion mark worldwide, and currently sits at about $1.2B. After ten days in theaters, it is the fourth highest grossing film in the MCU, behind only “Black Panther,” and both previous “Avengers” films. It will surpass “Age of Ultron” within a few days. It is also the fifteenth highest grossing film worldwide.

The superheroes didn’t have a lot of competition, but second place did go to the newcomer, “Overboard.” The gender-swapped comedy, which stars Anna Faris and Eugenio Derbez, earned a commendable $14.7M. The budget information hasn’t been confirmed, but it is likely on pace to earn it back.

John Krasinski’s “A Quiet Place” is still holding onto the third spot with $7.6M. It is the fourth highest grossing supernatural horror film ever with just about $160M domestic and $255M worldwide. Unadjusted, it sits behind last year’s “It,” “The Sixth Sense,” and “The Exorcist.” Catching up to any of those titles would be a big challenge, though, as it needs to earn another $75M or so.

Amy Shumer’s comedy, “I Feel Pretty,” finished in fourth place $4.9M. It did cross over its $32M budget this week, and has now earned around $37M in the US. The movie still hasn’t reported any international numbers, despite opening in some European and Asian markets.

The video game adaptation, “Rampage,” finished in fifth place with $4.6M. The movie was produced on a $120M budget and has earned back around $85M in the US. Internationally, it has been much better received, selling $293M in tickets for a worldwide total of around $377M.

Another newcomer this weekend was the Jason Reitman/Diablo Cody collaboration, “Tully.” The comedic drama earned about $3.1M in its debut. It is the second widest opening for a Reitman film, and had the second highest opening gross behind “Labor Day.” His most successful film, “Juno,” opened in limited release before eventually expanding to more than 2500 screens and four Oscar nominations.

Be sure to read Clayton Davis’ review of “Tully” here.

Three weeks ago, “Black Panther” was almost out of the top 10, before moving back up to the top 5 last week. In week 12, the highest grossing superhero film added another $3.1M, finishing just barely in seventh place.

The Blumhouse horror flick, “Truth or Dare,” is still hanging around, finishing in eighth place with $1.8M. Ninth place went to “Super Troopers 2,” just a few thousand behind with, also, $1.8M.

A third debut film this weekend, “Bad Samaritan,” opened in the tenth spot with $1.7M. The horror/thriller opened on more than 2000 screens, but bad marketing and lackluster reviews prevented audiences from checking it out. A lot of them opted for a second visit to Knowhere instead.

Next week’s releases include “The Seagull,” “Revenge,” Beast,” “Breaking In,” and “Life of the Party.”

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