Genre Geeks: Five Theories About What To Expect For ‘Avengers 4’

+After two weeks and over $1 billion grossed worldwide, Avengers: Infinity War hasn’t slowed its zeitgeist dominance. Immediately after its release, speculation and theories abounded about where the story will go next after the massive cliffhanger. Below are five different plot predictions surrounding “Avengers 4.” 

1. The Avengers destroy Thanos’s gauntlet and use the “Time” infinity stone to bring their fallen comrades back to life – This is the most popular theory that’s been circulating in the blogosphere. Thanks to Thanos (why do villains always reveal their hidden ace so early on?), we actually witness the might of the stone. During his confrontation with the Avengers in Wakanda, Thanos resurrects Vision with the stone only to prove his dominance by killing him once more. This also allowed him to undo Scarlet Witch’s obliteration of the “Soul” stone. Ironically, this boastful move might be the key to Thanos’s downfall. Reclaiming the “Time” stone, however, is going to require more than just a frontal tag-team assault.

2. Either Captain America or Iron Man will sacrifice themselves to save the galaxy – This theory holds up due to the fact that both Robert Downey, Jr. and Chris Evans’ respective contracts are ending once Avengers 4 is complete. These mightiest heroes have been around since the MCU’s inception and will likely take a backseat now that the franchise has been proliferated with newbies. There have been two separate instances in the comics that saw Captain American and Iron Man use their own Infinity Gauntlet to destroy the opposing one. Only the gauntlet is said to destroy all but the “Time” stone.

My theory is that Captain will serve as both wielder and sacrificial lamb. Iron Man would then possess the “Time” stone to reverse the fate Thanos created. This fits in line with Doctor Strange’s “Infinity War” prophecy in which the only good foreseeable outcome involves Iron Man. Once Steve Rogers gives his life, Iron Man will likely be too scarred to don his suit again. He’ll likely appease the wishes of Pepper Potts and retire with her. Jettisoning off into the Malibu sunset is my predicted conclusion for the legendary Tony Stark.

3. Shuri might be the catalyst for Vision’s reboot — Before Shuri went out into the fray of battle, she typed something into her computer that was hidden from the audience. It’s been widely speculated that she backed up Vision’s consciousness into the hard drive. If this is the case, Shuri could easily bring back Vision to digital life at the very least. This step would return Jarvis to his former self. With Jarvis/Vision helping the Avengers without the knowledge of Thanos, an undercover operation could be organized to reclaim peace. Perhaps Jarvis/Vision can use all his electronic resources to research how one is able to forge a competing Infinity gauntlet.

4. The “Soul” stone is the keeper of the deceased — In several Marvel comic issues, the “Soul” stone is mentioned as containing an entirely separate universe. This universe might be home to the disintegrated Avengers. Rather than turn to dust, maybe the dead heroes had their matter temporarily scattered and then reanimated upon arriving in this new realm. What’s the purpose of a “soul” stone if it doesn’t contain the life-force of those it conquers? Since that stone was linked to Gamora, Nebula has more information about it than anyone. As a survivor amid Thanos’s new dominion, it will be up to her to assist the Avengers in reclaiming such fragile merchandise.

5. Captain Marvel will serve as the human interstellar traveler — “Infinity War’s” post-credit scene features Nick Fury sending out a distress signal to Captain Marvel seconds before atomically dispersing. Because Marvel can travel in space and her upcoming film is an origin film prequel, perhaps she’s waiting in the stratosphere until a threat emerges. She could be Nick Fury’s secret weapon kept hidden until the time is right. With her presence, let’s assume her abilities to travel across space and through lightspeed mean she’s bound for some intergalactic strife. Carol Danvers could potentially be the person who rescues Iron Man and Nebula from Titan, bringing them back into the fold and acting as an interstellar chauffeur when need be. With the rumored departures of Iron Man and Captain America, it’s possible that Phase 4 will see a leadership transfer to Danvers as head of the Avengers.

What do you think is going to happen in “Avengers 4”? Tell us your theories in the comments below!