David Gordon Green Tapped For New ‘Friday Night Lights’


Most of the time, when a property keeps getting made and remade, it’s because there’s misfires involved. Then, there’s the case of “Friday Night Lights,” which is a different story entirely. A hit book became a hit film, which became a hit television series. At all turns, there was success. Without question, it’s one of the seminal sports stories of the big and small screen for this generation. Interestingly, that isn’t stopping a new movie version from being developed. Unnecessary? Sure. However, the odds do favor this again turning out very well. In fact, the odds have increased with the announcement of who is going to be in the director’s chair for the feature.

Variety is reporting that David Gordon Green has been hired to helm the latest cinematic incarnation of “Friday Night Lights.” The screenplay is by Robert Schenkkan, with Brian Grazer on board to produce. It’s again based on the H.G. Bissinger book about high school football, which still leaves many avenues to be explored. In fact, it’s an interesting challenge to make this film version stand out from the prior movie and TV show. Universal clearly wants to keep this property financially viable, so this is one way to do that.

Here is a bit about the version that Green is coming on board for:

Sources tell Variety that the movie is not a sequel to Universal’s 2004 film starring Billy Bob Thornton, nor is it based on NBC’s TV series with Kyle Chandler. Instead, it’s a new property, though still focused H.G. Bissinger’s non-fiction book about the 1988 Permian High School Panthers as the new Texas football team makes a run towards the state championship.

“Friday Night Lights” is solid material to work with, so Green has ample opportunity to ace this. It could easily turn out to be his biggest movie yet. Depending on how the cast comes together, there could be a ton to look forward to here.