Criterion Will Release A Longer Cut of ‘The Tree of Life’

Terrence Malick, for the longest time, was known to take up until the 11th hour, and sometimes longer, to finish a film. From taking decades between movies to delivering multiple cuts of a work, Malick is a perfectionist. Some may claim that his speedier output of late has diminished the quality of his films, but he’s still looking back on his previous filmography. In fact, it sounds like later this year, a new version of one of his most acclaimed works will be coming out. The flick in question? None other than “The Tree of Life.” Better yet, the movie will getting the Criterion treatment, which is rather good news for everyone.

According to Variety, “The Tree of Life” is getting a new cut from Malick, which the Criterion Collection will release at some point in 2018. Apparently, there’s almost an hour of new footage being added to the mix. That will presumably give Sean Penn‘s character more to do, though it should also benefit Jessica Chastain and Brad Pitt. Since it’s Criterion, it goes without saying that this will be of the highest quality. No word yet on when it will hit shelves, but this could be a must own Blu-Ray. Plus, now fans of Malick have a perfect gift to have bought for them.

Here’s a bit from the article:

Terrence Malick has secretly been working on an extended version of “The Tree of Life,” which will be included by the Criterion Collection as a supplement to an enhanced special-edition Blu-ray and DVD release later this year.

The film, which won the Palme d’Or at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival, has grown 50 minutes of new branches — although roots might be a better metaphor, since the additional material focuses primarily on the lives of the O’Brien family (characters played by Brad Pitt and Jessica Chastain) and the backstory of Jack (Sean Penn), whose search for meaning in the wake of his brother’s death drives a transcendental quest unlike any previously depicted on film.

Malick seems to have entered a new phase since “The Tree of Life,” so another look at this one could offer some clues about what he’s currently interested in. This won’t be his mythical five hour cut, but it’s something. Whenever this comes to Blu-Ray and DVD, it’ll be one to pick up. Look for it in our weekly Blu-Ray column when that time does come.