Leonardo DiCaprio and Steven Spielberg to Re-Team on Ulysses S. Grant Biopic


If you’re an A-list director, Leonardo DiCaprio wants to work with you. The actor has spent the vast majority of his career working with the highest level of filmmakers. In the case of Martin Scorsese, he’s returned to star in his movies time and time again. Well, one legend that DiCaprio has only teamed up with once is Steven Spielberg. The pair made “Catch Me If You Can” together, displaying great chemistry. It’s somewhat surprising that they haven’t collaborated again since then. It was only a matter of time though, and it looks like they’ll be teaming up again in the near future.

According to Deadline, Spielberg is partnering with DiCaprio for a biopic of Ulysses S. Grant, the former general and President of the United States. DiCaprio would star, with his company Appian Way producing. They’d be adapting the book “Grant” by Ron Chernow. Appian Way and Lionsgate already have the rights to the story, with David James Kelly at work adapting the tome, so it could just be a matter of schedules coming together. Both have a lot on their plates, but if they want to make this work, one has to assume it’ll happen. Grant is a unique figure in American history, so it makes sense that he would appeal to them.

Here’s a bit from the report:

Steven Spielberg and Leonardo DiCaprio are in early discussions to re-team on an epic biopic of Ulysses S. Grant that DiCaprio and Appian Way partner Jeniffer Davisson are producing at Lionsgate.

Lionstate and Appian Way last November acquired movie rights to Grant, the bestselling Ron Chernow biography that is being adapted by David James Kelly. The writer just worked for Appian Way and Lionsgate on Robin Hood, the Otto Bathurst-directed that stars Taron Egerton in the starring role.

DiCaprio is next starring in Quentin Tarantino‘s “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” while Spielberg has a new “Indiana Jones” and a “West Side Story” remake on his plate. Once that all gets done with, look for them to tackle Grant’s life together. The story has a lot of potentia, so this would immediately be a massive prestige picture and early Oscar frontrunner.