Six ‘Star Wars’ Spin-Off Ideas – Where Should LucasFilms and Disney Go Next

WithSolo: A Star Wars Story careening into theaters this past Memorial Day weekend, it’s impossible to prevent spin-off ideas from formulating. With Obi-Wan Kenobi, Boba Fett and Lando films rumored, let’s surmise on other untold stories fans deserve to experience. Perhaps a December release date would make these offshoots more financially lucrative than “Solo” ended up being.

1. Leia’s Alderaanian Princess upbringing — When it comes to the Skywalker twins’ separation, too much of the focus has been on Luke’s Tatooine moisture farmer upbringing. Perhaps in a style reminiscent of “House of Cards,” a Leia origin story could see her rise as a junior senator. How awesome would it be to witness Leia’s savvy political maneuvering against her Imperial colleagues? Moreover, the saga hasn’t touched upon the closeness of Leia and her adoptive father, Bail Organa. Jimmy Smits could easily return and show us how much love Leia was given in the absence of a deceased mother and traitorous father. Leia’s dealings with the Rebel Alliance must be touched upon, as should her discovery of her royal Naboo lineage.

2. Bounty Hunter “Avengers”-esque film – There are too many iconic bounty hunters in “Star Wars” lore to not have their own film. Dengar, Bossk, IG-88, Aurra Sing, Boba Fett, Cad Bane and a few original characters for the hunt would be a spectacular all-star movie lineup. I’d envision they’d take their jobs from Darth Vader initially, but then improvise their own operation that winds up screwing over the Empire while still earning their reward. Perhaps Jabba and Darth Vader are both competing to hire the bounty hunters for some dastardly mission. “Solo: A Star Wars Story” puts a magnifying glass on the crime syndicates that have dominated the galaxy outside of the Empire. What hasn’t been explored is whether or not these two evil forces have infighting of their own.

3. Knights of the Old Republic – Ever since video game developer Bioware released their “Knights of the Old Republic” role-playing game in 2003 to glowing reviews, fans have been salivating for a cinematic version. This game took place sometime after the Mandalorian and Sith Wars, so it’s best to rewind even further to the birth of the Republic. The rise of the Jedi, their guardianship over the Republic and their intergalactic war with the opposing Sith religion offer a wealth of mythological beginnings.

4. Yoda and his “failures” – Benevolent and wise as Yoda has been, history proves how his shortsightedness and inaction contributed to the rise of Darth Sidious right under the Order’s nose. Yoda’s truest imparted wisdom – shared with Luke in “The Last Jedi” – is “the greatest teacher, failure is.”In “Attack of the Clones,” audiences were shocked to learn that Count Dooku was Yoda’s former padawan, who in turn mentored Qui-Gon Jinn.

I’d love to see a movie with the three of these characters that expose Yoda’s blind eye to the horrors he unintentionally set in motion. Of course, there should include a brief introduction of Yoda’s entrance and subsequent ruling over the ancient knighthood. Audiences tend to anoint their favorite heroes with purity halos that aren’t always reflective of ordinary beings. Even the morally incorruptible can endanger the lives of billions when the fate of the galaxy rests in their hands.

5. Luke rebuilding the Jedi Order – Does Mark Hamill have to say goodbye for good? Surely he can return to fill the void of what truly happened the night of Ben Solo’s betrayal. Personally, the blurred reality of that night adds layers of intriguing moral ambiguity. However, leading up to that fateful evening is surely worth diving into. At what point did Luke decide to resurrect the ancient Order? Did he allow his students (and himself) to have personal attachments? What, if anything, did he amend in the ancient teachings so as not to repeat the mistakes for his Jedi forefathers?

These questions require substantive answers. Luke going on his various recruiting missions to planets far and wide would make for a fascinating road-trip “Star Wars” film. Luke’s journey should parallel the emergence of Supreme Leader Snoke. Is he a relic of the remnant Imperial forces or did he originate from the fringes of deep space? Clearly, he is a messiah to the First Order, an organization itself a rebirth of the Empire.

6. Darth Maul, his whereabouts after Naboo and his ties to Qi’Ra – Darth Maul will likely be a key antagonist in the upcoming “Kenobi” spin-off. Since his shocking cameo in “Solo,” all that’s on the mind is how did he survive and what was he doing all this time since his defeat at Kenobi’s blade over a decade prior? “The Clone Wars” and “Star Wars Rebels” delve into Maul’s story but solely within their respective timelines. Fans want to know Maul’s recovery from the split-body up and whether or not he curried favor with the Emperor again. How amazing would it be to see Ian McDiarmid once again don the infamous black cloak of Darth Sidious?

Also worth discovery is Maul’s connection to Solo’s childhood friend, Qi’Ra. As revealed in the aforementioned spin-off, the two are obviously working together (although I’m sure in Maul’s mind he’s in charge). Running a galaxy-spanning crime syndicate is no easy venture. Qi’Ra proved to be one of the most intriguing and mysterious characters in “Solo,” so more of her backstory on how she moved through the ranks after being pawned from Corellia would bolster fascination.

What are some of your spin-off ideas for the future of “Star Wars”? Tell us below in the comments!