Geoff Johns Leaves DC Entertainment Role in Favor of New Writing and Publishing Deal

Geoff Johns is leaving his role at DC Entertainment. The Hollywood Reporter announced the news Monday, and Johns confirmed on his own Twitter account.

Johns is not leaving the DC universe, however. Instead, his job is transitioning from president and chief creative officer to something new entirely. DC Entertainment has been reorganizing and restructuring in recent months, and this is part of that process.

Johns will be launching Mad Ghost Productions in a partnership with Warner Bros, and with DC. The new company will give him the freedom to write and produce for film and television, but without the responsibility of overseeing the entire DCEU.

In a statement, he said:

“I took on a role at DCE because I love the characters and this universe more than anything. But, I want to spend my days writing and on set.  I’m thrilled to get back to a more hands-on creative role.  It’s a dream job on dream projects, reaching even deeper into DC’s vast pantheon of characters.”

Johns will still produce “Wonder Woman 2,” and is co-writing the script. He is also starting development on “Green Lantern Corp,” which follows an interstellar police force and is set for 2020. He got his start writing the comics for “Green Lantern Corp,” so this brings him back to his roots.

Toby Emmerich, chairman of Warner Bros, said:

“Geoff is a super talented writer and truly embedded in the DC Universe and its characters. We’re thrilled that he’s returning to his passion and his roots as a writer and producer.  And, it’s even better that he’s staying in our Warner Bros. family.  We look forward to working with him on ‘Green Lantern’ and other projects going forward.”

Jim Lee, DC Entertainment publisher, will step into the chief creative officer role. This is all happening soon after last week’s departure of DC Entertainment President Diane Nelson.