Academy’s Board of Governors Election Results Revealed

If you’ve been wondering who might be helping to make the next behind the scenes Oscar decisions for this year, you’re in luck. This week, the Academy revealed their Board of Governors election results. The ladies and gentlemen who emerged victorious will take seats on the board next to other industry giants who currently serve. The Academy President is still John Bailey, and much of the leadership is still the same, but there are a handful of newcomers to mention. Hopefully, their election will continue to push the Academy in a more modern direction. None of this will directly influence the voting though, so keep that in mind.

The Academy has a full press release on their Board of Governors election that can be found here. In short though, the election saw ten governors re-elected, two returning from hiatus, four new members tapped, and one race still to be decided upon. That last race was a tie between Jason Blum and Jennifer Todd, both of whom are seeking to represent the Producers Branch. One will emerge from a runoff next week, but that’s still to be decided. The highest profile newcomer is Alfred Molina out of the Actors Branch, but it’s an interesting quartet, to be sure.

These are the returning folks:

Bernard Telsey, Casting Directors Branch
Daryn Okada, Cinematographers Branch
Rory Kennedy, Documentary Branch
Jim Gianopulos, Executives Branch
Carol Littleton, Film Editors Branch
Lois Burwell, Makeup Artists and Hairstylists Branch
Michael Giacchino, Music Branch
Scott Millan, Sound Branch
John Knoll, Visual Effects Branch
Billy Ray, Writers Branch

Here are the newcomers:

Alfred Molina, Actors Branch
Tom Duffield, Designers Branch
Susanne Bier, Directors Branch
Bonnie Arnold, Short Films and Feature Animation Branch

As for the returning board members, they are:

Jeffrey Kurland, Costume Designers Branch
Sid Ganis, Public Relations Branch

Remember, the Board of Governors serves to help with the Academy’s vision. So, they’re thinking about the whole package, not just the Oscars.