Jim Broadbent Joins Judi Dench in WWII Thriller ‘Six Minutes to Midnight’


Films featuring events that surround World War II have long been considered prestige pictures. What is truly remarkable, is that despite so many films focused on the topic, there seems to be an endless cache of stories waiting to be told. Considering the conflict was global, this is not altogether surprising. That said, it is still remarkable which stories have remained untold in the past fifty years. One such story, “Six Minutes to Midnight” is loading up its cast before its begins shooting in the UK.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Oscar-winning actor Jim Broadbent joined the cast of the film. The cast already features another Oscar winner in Judi Dench. The film has also brought in other actors of note, including Carla Juri (“Blade Runner 2049“), James D’Arcy (“Dunkirk“), and Celyn Jones (“Set Fire to the Stars“).  Eddie Izzard is also set to star in the film, which he also co-wrote withJones and Andy Goddard. Goddard will handle direction on the film after his time on “Downton Abbey” and other prestige works.

The film takes place in the Summer of 1939 at a finishing school in the United Kingdom. Families from Nazi Germany have sent their daughters to the seaside town so they can become familiar with the ways of the English people. One of the teachers from the school begins to see the danger of the Nazi teachings,  but no one is paying attention to the teacher’s warnings.

This seems like a strong contender on its face, and depending on its release date, could prove to be a very popular film. Setting a thriller during World War II seems like an interesting concept. With the all-star cast in tow, prospects look up. It’s possible that Broadbent and Dench find their way into the acting races once more if things break their way. Even if the film feels a little Oscar-baity, the film should be one to look forward to in 2019.

What do you think of “Six Minutes to Midnight?” Does this film interest you? With the changing Academy, do you believe this would still be a player? Let us know in the comments below! 

Lionsgate International is selling worldwide rights and Lionsgate UK will be releasing the film in the UK.