Sacha Baron Cohen and Showtime Set Debut of “Who is America?”

Guess who’s back? Sacha Baron Cohen has been making headway towards bringing a new series to television over the past week. Reports leaked that Cohen was talking to Showtime about the possibility of a show. Cohen posted a potential teaser on Twitter, featuring none other than Donald Trump criticizing the actor. Baron Cohen, well-known for his antics on “Da Ali G Show,” seemed likely to return to television soon. Apparently, sooner than we thought.

According to Variety, “Who is America?,” the new series from Baron Cohen is set to premiere this Sunday on July 15th. The popular actor has made waves with his series of sketch characters in the past. Borat is undeniably the most popular of the bunch, even gaining him awards traction in the process. Baron Cohen was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay at the Oscars for “Borat” in 2006. The pseduo-sequel, “Bruno” disappointed comparatively, but kept Baron Cohen in the spotlight.

Now the question will be how strange will Baron Cohen go this time around. Is this show going to be more of the same, or will it strike a harder, less fun tone? The question, “Who is America?” feels like he is ready to re-engage in playing sketch characters. Considering the teaser ends on Dick Cheney sitting down for an interview, we’re likely in for something special.

What do you think of Sacha Baron Cohen’s return to television? Will “Who is America?” strike the same beats his previous shows? What about the surprise release of the show? Let us hear in the comments below!

“Who is America?” is set to debut on July 15th, 2018. It will air on Showtime and stream on the Showtime App.