‘Downton Abbey’ Feature Film to Begin Filming This Summer


Some shows have the ability to grow their fanbases in surprising ways. One would guess a show about the stuffiness of British society wouldn’t work well in America. Yet “Downton Abbey” was a massive hit for PBS. The series followed the Downton household through trials and tribulations. What made the series pop was its ability to follow the richest of society, while still spotlighting the struggles of working-class individuals. The series became a pop culture phenomenon and still has a following today.

This popularity makes it no surprise that there is a “Downton Abbey” movie on the way. The film will return the show’s principal cast, including Michelle DockeryHugh Bonneville, and the Emmy favorite Maggie Smith. The movie will be written by Julian Fellowes, who also created the show. Director Brian Percival is also on board. Percival directed the pilot, is known to film fans for his work on “The Book Thief” in 2013.

With the cast back together and the production team behind the pilot ready to go, the film will move extremely fast. The actual production on the film will begin this summer, with the potential to shoot the film in a few weeks. The series was a critical and awards darling, so there is a lot of support to see this through. “Downton” won 3 Golden Globes over its run. It also won 15 Primetime Emmys out of 69 total nominations. Many will be excited to see the next chapter of “Downton” so keep an eye out for the film to become a critical and box office success.

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“Downton Abbey” does not currently have a release date. It will be distributed by Focus Features and Universal Studios International.