Top 10: Most Anticipated Female Performances of the Awards Season


As the fall festivals begin their announcements, and we begin to look at the potential landscape of the upcoming awards season, we begin to have our own expectations of films and performances that are heading our way.

Down below, we take a look at our most anticipated female performances coming from seemingly Oscar-bait awards players this upcoming season.  It should be stressed, we know little to nothing about these films, and in many cases, have not seen a lick of a frame from any of the films.  With that said, this is mere speculation and you should expect (as I certainly do), that other performances later this year could outperform and explode on the scene in the most profound manner.  It should also be noted that I haven’t included any performance from a film I’ve seen already.

Without further ado, check out the list with commentary down below:

1010. Vera Farmiga as “Oletha ‘Lee’ Hart” in “The Front Runner”
dir. Jason Reitman (Sony Pictures)

99. Nicole Kidman as “Erin Bell” in “Destroyer”
dir. Karyn Kusama (Annapurna Pictures)

88. Mercedes McCambridge as “Maggie Noonan” in “The Other Side of the Wind”
dir. Orson Welles (Netflix)

77. Michelle Yeoh as “Eleanor Young” in “Crazy Rich Asians”
dir. Jon M. Chu (Warner Bros.)

66. Michelle Rodriguez as “Linda” in “Widows”
dir. Steve McQueen (20th Century Fox)

55. Saoirse Ronan as “Mary Stuart” in “Mary Queen of Scots”
dir. Josie Rourke (Focus Features)

44. Margot Robbie as “Queen Elizabeth I” in “Mary Queen of Scots”
dir. Josie Rourke (Focus Features)

33. Olivia Colman as “Queen Anne” in “The Favourite”
dir. Yorgos Lanthimos (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

22. Kiki Layne as “Tish” in “If Beale Street Could Talk”
dir. Barry Jenkins (Annapurna Pictures)

11. Lady Gaga as “Ally” in “A Star Is Born”
dir. Bradley Cooper (Warner Bros.)

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