CBS All Access Adds Patrick Stewart to Helm Another ‘Star Trek’ Series

One of the surprising genre hits of television last year was “Star Trek: Discovery.” The fact that “Discovery” hit with a niche audience was not a surprise. However, the series is one of the CBS All-Access hits, and with “The Good Fight,” might be the best show on the streaming service. With CBS looking to continue the push for their own streaming service, the network announced the return of another “Star Trek” legend, Patrick Stewart.

At the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention, Stewart unveiled the news to the excited crowd. The new series will not be a continuation of “Next Generation” like many had predicted. Instead, Stewart’s Picard is taking on the next steps of his personal adventure in the universe. It is likely the rest of the cast is new to the “Star Trek” universe, which bodes well for future series. This is also the second “Star Trek” show to run on CBS All-Access, which is actually a strong place to land these series. Rather than require high ratings required by network TV, the show can be more creative and give the streaming service almost year-round content.

Alex Kurtzman, who helped oversee the Abrams “Star Trek” franchise and co-created “Discovery” will also produce this new series. Akiva GoldsmanMichael ChabonKirsten Beyer and James Duff all help to make up the brain trust. The show has a lot of support from fans, and should slot well into the All-Access programming. As networks continue to try to find blockbuster television, this signals that CBS thinks they’ve found theirs.

The announcement video at the convention is located below.

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