Wes Anderson May Begin Filming His Next Feature in February of 2019

The eccentric and loveable Wes Anderson seems to be moving full speed ahead on his next film. Anderson is known for his quirky filmmaking and has developed a unique style over the years. Known as an auteur by many, Anderson has finally seemed to be embraced by Oscar in recent years. His last live-action film, “The Grand Budapest Hotel” received 9 nominations, including Best Picture, and won 4 Oscars. Anderson’s become a popular figure, and it appears he is already beginning work on his next feature.

According to The New Republic (a French news site), the auteur is going to film his upcoming film in France in February 2019. Anderson’s production will be in Angoulême, France, in the Southwest region of the country. They also report that the shoot will last at least 4 months. This wouldn’t be the first time that Anderson has filmed abroad, with the majority of “Grand Budapest” filmed in Germany. His style lends itself to European sensibilities and could benefit greatly from a French setting.

While there has been no news about Anderson’s next film, it’s unsurprising that he’s already back at work. There is normally only a two to three-year window between his projects, with the longest gap coming between “The Grand Budapest” and his latest “The Isle of Dogs.” Given the stop-motion requirements and difficult of that film, as well as “Grand Budapest” extended Oscar run, this is not overly surprising. While the start date could potentially give the film a shot at a 2019 release, it’s much more likely we’ll see Anderson’s next feature in 2020. Grand Budapest took over a year between the start of production and it’s release date. Besides, he’ll hopefully have “Isle of Dogs” taking up some of his time this Oscar season.

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