SHOUT! Studios Acquires ‘Tito and the Birds,’ Screening TIFF 2018

While Disney and Pixar are synonymous with the animated feature category, several more studios have begun to push into the race. Animation is a global medium, and can easily transcend language. The beauty of animation is that the last decade has seen several foreign films find their way into the category for Best Animated Feature. In 2016, “My Life as a Zucchini” and “The Red Turtle” both made the cut. With animation on the international scene continuing to rise, it’s no wonder that more studios see the field as open for the taking. That’s why Shout! Studios acquisition of the North American distribution rights for “Tito and the Birds” is good news.

“Tito and the Birds” follows a young boy, Tito, living in a dystopia ruled by fear. The world is  “fright epidemics” which causes individuals to get sick when they’re scared. In a world contaminated by fear, Tito and his friends begin to unravel the mystery of Tito’s father and the machine he created to understand birds. If the machine works, it could potentially save the world. You can watch a trailer for the feature below.

The animation on display is gorgeous. Blending digital, graphic animation, and oil paintings, the style is unique and colorful. There are multiple moments in the trailer that look like they’ll be among the best shots of 2018.

Gabriel Bitar and André Catoto make their directorial debut with “Tito.” If this is their debut, they’re going to have long careers. The film also features a score composed by Gustavo Kurlat and Binho Feffer, who scored the Oscar-nominated “The Boy in the World.” Shout! Studios picked up an interesting one here. The animated feature race still has lots of room this year. “Tito” could surprise and make a run for Oscar.

What do you think of “Tito and the Birds?” Do you think it can break into the animated feature race? Let us know in the comments below! 

“Tito and the Birds” will hold its North American premiere at the Toronto Film Festival. The film will screen on September 8th and September 15th.