Alec Baldwin to Join ‘The Untitled Joker’ Film from DC and Todd Phillips

The DC Universe has been an interesting entertainment empire to watch over the past few years. While DC quickly nailed the television show universe with “Arrow,” “Flash,” and “Supergirl,” the film world has not done so hot. While “Sucide Squad” was able to capture an Oscar, it was met with critical frustration. “Justice League” also struggled despite “Wonder Woman” becoming a cultural phenomenon. That struggle made it possible for DC to explore new options and storytellers. Surprisingly, one of those storytellers is Todd Phillips, best known for directing “The Hangover” trilogy. However, it seems that won’t be the case for long, as Alec Baldwin has now joined a superstar cast for the upcoming “Untitled Joker” film in production.

Baldwin is not exactly an actor one would peg for a comic book tale. However, he does fit the part he’s signed on for. According to Deadline, Baldwin will be the high-class billionaire Thomas Wayne, father of one Bruce Wayne. There have been several adaptations of Batman in popular culture, and almost every one has found some way to cover Thomas and Martha Wayne’s murder. The scene is well known to comic book fans.  With Baldwin starring, the role may be expanded.

The cast for Phillips story is shaping up nicely. In addition to Baldwin, Phillips was able to sign Jaoquin Phoenix on as the titular Joker. While we don’t know the specifics of how this Joker will become the mad clown, there have been rich stories in the past that fill in some of the blanks. Perhaps the best remains “The Killing Joke,” which followed Joker’s struggling stand up career prior to falling in debt. With Zazie Beetz and Robert De Niro also on board, Phillips could very easily pull off a high-class drama through the comic book lens.

What do you think of Baldwin joining the cast? Does the new concept of a Joker film excite you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Todd Phillips’ “Untitled Joker” Film will release on October 4th, 2019.