‘First Man’ Takes Off at with Positive Early Reactions from Venice; New Trailer!

Let’s jump into the big performer to kick off the Venice Film Festival! “First Man,” Damien Chazelle‘s followup to “La La Land,” and “Whiplash” has hit the ground running. While the reviews are still embargoed for some time, a handful of critics and audiences have already reacted to the film. These are some key things to watch for as the movie gets full reviews later. Still, it is very exciting to know the film has in fact been seen by people, and they like it. They really like it.

There is little surprise that Gosling and Foy are strong actors. However, Foy felt like she had the showier role as Gosling often plays the straight man in dramatic films. It is very exciting to see Foy make the transition from television to film, and if it holds, she could be one of the early Best Supporting Actress favorites.

There’s also good buzz swirling about Chazelle’s work as a director. Again, this is far from a surprise. Hearing that the film features strong visuals and seems like an epic, he could easily be an early front-runner for Best Director. There are still many films to play at the festival, so come to Awards Circuit as we report on the films at Venice Film Festival!

UPDATED: We got a new trailer since the article posted. Here’s the new trailer.

What do you think of the early word on “First Man?” Has it reaffirmed itself as a player for Best Picture? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


“First Man” releases in theaters on October 12th, 2018. Universal will distribute.