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WATCH: ‘The Other Side of the Wind’ Looks Crazy in First Trailer from Netflix

One of the most interesting films set to release in 2018 is Netflix‘s “The Other Side of the Wind” from Orson Welles. Of course, Welles is long since passed. “The Other Side of the Wind” was never completed and seemed to be the lost film from a master of cinema. However, after assembling all the footage and bringing in editors, Netflix believes they’ve got something on their hands. While the film may not be the perfect version that Welles would have wanted to make, the film is on its way out this Fall. Today, Netflix gave us the first trailer for the film.

An IMDb synopsis follows:

The story of a legendary director named J.J. “Jake” Hannaford, who returns to Hollywood from years of semi-exile in Europe, with plans to complete work on his own innovative comeback movie, also titled “The Other Side of the Wind”.

The film, 48 years in the making, looks like an insane piece of cinema. The feature was plagued by funding issues and Welles shot it very much out of sequence. Even the lead actor, John Huston, didn’t join the project until it was in production for three years. The film also stars Oja KodarPeter Bogdanovich and Mercedes McCambridge.

The trailer we get from Netflix is very meta and comical. Clearly, it wants to be a frenetic and energetic film. The question is whether anything we watch on screen actually makes sense. It is unlikely that “The Other Side of the Wind” is indeed a missing masterpiece. Otherwise, it would likely have gotten a release in the past 48 years. That said, it is an interesting piece of film in 2018, and will gladly be watched by many cinephiles.

What do you think of “The Other Side of the Wind” trailer? Can Netflix bring Orson Welles posthumous Oscar victory? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

Netflix releases “The Other Side of the Wind” on November 2nd, 2018.