VENICE: ‘The Other Side of the Wind’ May Be Unfinished But Remains Essential

It’s impossible to ignore the excitement that has followed the lost Orson Welles film. “The Other Side of the Wind” was acquired and assembled by Netflix, making its debut more than 40 years after it began production. After Welles passed away, it seemed like the feature had been lost to time. That makes the debut of the feature at the Venice Film Festival so surprising and exciting.

#TheOtherSideoftheWind is admittedly messy, given its production history, but it’s a glorious, captivating mess, a perfect summation of the genius of Orson Welles. #Venezia75

— Max Borg (@IMDBorg) August 31, 2018

The reviews seem to be mixed, but ultimately the story around this film will never be the quality of the reviews. After all, a master like Orson Welles never got a chance to finish his film. Instead, expect more discussion about the making of the film, and the process to “complete” it based on the footage.

Despite that, it is exciting to note that some are very high on the feature. The fact that anything even remotely coherent was possible based on the footage is a miracle in its own right. With performances finally surfacing after 40 years of dust, expect cinephiles around the world to rejoice. It is an exciting time to see the narrative and story unfold.

What do you think of the review of “The Other Side of the Wind?” Does it actually have a chance to find Oscar love? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

“The Other Side of the Wind” drops on Netflix on Nov. 2,  2018.