Interview: Actress Aya Cash on ‘Brand New Old Love,’ ‘You’re the Worst’ and Directing

The world of independent filmmaking still feels like the wild west in today’s entertainment. Many fun and exciting films continually surprise us from the independent world, and with more ways to create and distribute the content than ever before, microfilms can reach a large audience. Aya Cash, an actress who has received considerable acclaim for her work on “You’re the Worst,” continues to work in this world consistently. With an eye on the future as a director, Ms. Cash sat down with me to discuss her new film “Brand New Old Love,” now available on VOD.

Alan French/Awards Circuit: What drew you to “Brand New Old Love?” 

Aya Cash: You know that year alone I worked with four first time women filmmakers and one first time male filmmaker. I was really excited to work with new young women who are putting together their first film and I want to support those projects. I think it’s very hard to get a movie made, especially an indie. Cat (Rhinehart) and I sat down, and I really liked her. I thought she had written a really lovely romantic comedy script, and I thought this is someone I want to support. I want to be making female stories with women filmmakers for the next twenty years, and we all need to start giving them opportunities.

AF: How was working with Cat, who like you mentioned, was a first-time filmmaker? 

AC: Lovely! She’s done a web series starring herself, but hse’s pretty new to all of this. She came into her own and stepped up. She really ran the set. I think she was nervous at first, just as I will be when I do my first, but to see her come into her own and gain confidence was amazing. It’s a miracle to make a movie these days, especially, not to knock Arturo (Castro) or myself, without stars. It’s just so hard to get any money, any financing. She really put this together herself. She cold-called people, to get the producers and get the money. It was really incredible.

AF: How did you prepare for your role with Arturo? 

AC: You know, this is not a role that required a lot of research. I would say it’s a part of myself that is pretty easy to connect to. It wasn’t a lot of adding a slight limp, or a character voice, or anything like that. I just wanted to see what would happen when we got on camera together.

AF: What scene did you enjoy shooting the most in this film? 

AC: I remember the one I was most excited to shoot was jumping in the pool and getting married. The actual marriage night was a lot of fun with us running around and behaving like we were teenagers.

AF: What were some of the challenges you faced in the film? 

AC: I think the same challenges of all indie filmmaking. There’s no money, so there’s no personal space for anybody. There’s no room for anybody and everyone is crowded within a room, shoulder to shoulder between takes. You better like the people you’re with, and thankfully I did. This cast was really lovely. You have to be down for that experience. I mean yeah, I would PostMate myself Taco Bell and things like that, but I do that on “You’re the Worst” too, so that’s not necessarily an indie movie experience (laughs).

AF: How does making a movie like “Brand New Old Love” compare to “You’re the Worst” or “Easy?” 

AC: Indie film is just a totally different beast. You don’t have your own trailer, and wardrobe is minimal. You’re often just wearing your own clothes. You have to shoot fairly quickly. There’s so much less support making an indie film than when you’re on a TV show. You may shoot 90 pages over 3 weeks, versus shooting 27 pages per episode of a TV series. It’s very down and dirty. That’s usually the fun of it too. You’re wanting to recreate the experience for why you got into acting in the first place. Let’s have a really good time, and create this thing from nothing. Those barriers can be fulfilling and you have to find creative ways to get around them.

AF: You mentioned earlier that you are looking to become a director someday? 

AC: I think Cat’s hustle is something to be admired. She worked tirelessly and cold called producers to get this movie made. That is something that I think is necessary. You just have to knock on all doors and be a little bit shameless in asking. As an actor, we’re very embarrassed to ask for anything. You want them to pick you, but you can’t show you want it too much. It’s all played very cool. I’ve learned shadowing on my show to feel shameless as a director. Just ask! There’s no harm in asking. Someone can say no, and you move on. You do anything to get your movie made and Cat hustled.

AF: Do you have a project in mind you’re interested in making? 

AC: Yeah, I didn’t know how excited I would be directing a TV show after shadowing, but I’m very excited after that. I hope to do a few more shadows in order to prep for that. There’s also a movie I’ve been developing based on a book my mother wrote. We’ve been working on it for a few years and I decided I want to direct it last year. So if we can get financing for that, that would be the first movie I’d direct.

AF: That’s exciting? What’s the name of the book? 

AC: Little Beauty.

AF: So what’s next few your over the next few months? 

AC: Well we’re still shooting “You’re the Worst” for another month. That’s incredibly sad and I’m trying to just hold on to every moment of that show. We’re trying to make schedules work for “Easy” because I love working those guys. I have a little movie thing and some other stuff in the works. There are some scripts I’d be interested in developing for myself and TV. But there are a lot of things up in the air, so who knows? Maybe I’ll go back to being a waitress.

AF: Well hopefully not, because I love “You’re the Worst” and you’re excellent on it. I really like what you’re doing in this movie, so thank you for your time! 

AC: Thank you and have a good one!

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“Brand New Old Love” can be purchased through various video on demand platforms, including iTunes, Vudu, Amazon and more.