WATCH: The Second Trailer for ‘Creed II’ Ups the Ante for Michael B. Jordan


When “Creed” released in 2016, it felt like an instant mistake that the Academy didn’t pay more attention to the film. Michael B. Jordan showed he had truly arrived as a performer, becoming a movie star overnight. Just as important to the film was Ryan Coogler, now one of Hollywood’s “it boys” for the future. Even Sylvester Stallone‘s Oscar nomination felt like it was not taken seriously. Even a few years later, “Creed” holds up surprisingly well while other films have faltered. Now, with “Creed II” set to enter theaters in a few weeks, could history be repeating itself? A new trailer for the film showcases another internal struggle for Jordan, which we may need to keep an eye on.

“Creed II” picks up a few years after the first film. Jordan continues to box, and his relationship with Bianca (Tessa Thompson) continues to evolve. The focus of the trailer is firmly on Jordan, who continues to power through the footage as an emotional force. This battle may be one for the world to watch, but it also showcases his internal strife. Should he side with his family? Or continue his pursuit of greatness? When Viktor Drago (Florian Munteanu) comes calling, Adonis must choose.

While some of the “Rocky” films were mixed bags, they still showed an overall level of quality throughout. Even if “Creed II” only hits strong blockbuster status, it should be considered a success. Yet with Jordan also in the running for a supporting actor nomination for “Black Panther” from earlier this year, you have to wonder if he could show as a dark horse acting candidate. Last time, “Creed” felt like an obvious choice after he was snubbed. With Jordan’s movie star status, the afterglow could be something to watch for.

What do you think of the new “Creed II” trailer? Does Jordan have a chance to sneak into the best actor lineup? Or will this just be a popcorn film? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

“Creed II” releases on Nov. 21, 2018. MGM distributes.