WATCH: Annapurna and Adam McKay Releases ‘Vice’ Trailer Starring Christian Bale


One of the films that the film world has been eagerly awaiting for weeks is the appearance of “Vice” from Adam McKay. The director broke through in a big way with the Academy in 2015. “The Big Short” made the financial collapse in America easy to digest, scoring McKay an Oscar for Adapted Screenplay. McKay, a longtime collaborator of Will Ferrell, truly put his stamp on Hollywood with that win. It was no surprise when McKay turned his sights on Dick Cheney in his next feature. Now, the official trailer for “Vice” gives us a good look at Christian BaleAmy AdamsSteve Carrell, and Sam Rockwell as the previous Republican administration.

The trailer rollicks and tap dances through the years, following the career of Cheney (Bale). The breakdown of his life and quick manipulation of Bush (Rockwell) feel very much in line with what the public knows about the man. He became one of, if not the most, powerful Vice President in the history of the United States. Additionally, we get an excellent look at Bale as Cheney, who appears to be at 110% for the film. The makeup applied throughout the trailer sells the transformation.

Also of note are the appearances of Adams, Carrell, and Rockwell. All three get some good scenes, but Rockwell stands out. His performance as Bush looks engaging and funny, but not the straight impression we got from Josh Brolin in “W.” from 2008. An afterglow nomination feels possible. Adams seems fierce in her role, and Carrell could come close once more. Overall, McKay looks poised to cash in his chips again, and the late-breaking film could very much shake up the race. Bale and McKay are back for more, and Annapurna to push it hard.

What do you think of the first trailer for “Vice?” Can McKay win another Oscar? How about Bale? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

“Vice” opens Dec. 21, 2018. Annapurna Pictures distributes. 

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