Elisabeth Moss Vehicle ‘Her Smell’ Acquired By Gunpowder & Sky for a 2019 Release

One of the films that drew a lot of interest early in the festival season was “Her Smell” from director Alex Ross Perry. The film made our list of films to check out at TIFF 2018. The feature received some solid reviews, with most of the praise going to lead actress, Elisabeth Moss. With Moss slowly transitioning over to feature films, and Alex Ross Perry beginning to gain a fanbase, it continues to be a picture that cinephiles are excited to see. Now, Gunpowder & Sky has officially acquired the film, pushing the feature to a 2019 release.

According to Deadline, the indie studio Gunpowder & Sky will begin game planning for a 2019 awards push for Moss. Looking at the Lead Actress race this year, the studio decided Moss has a stronger chance next year. It is a move that has helped films in the past, including “Foxcatcher” in 2014. The film follows Moss as a punk-rock singer who needs to get clean. Alex Ross Perry brings the story to life through five separate scenes that take place over a ten-year window. The cast also features strong performers such as Dan StevensVirginia Madsen, and Eric Stoltz.

This year’s Oscar race for lead actress quickly grew in depth, with as many as 10 to 15 women realistically contending this year. While placement for some actresses is still up in the air, “Her Smell” follows Moss as a definitive lead. With the weirdness associated with the film, as well as an extremely physical performance, it will need time to age with some voters. That points to Gunpowder & Sky having some chops when it comes to an awards campaign. The company will also push “Hearts Beat Loud” this year, so keep an eye on the small distributor to become another fringe contender.

What do you think of Gunpowder & Sky acquiring “Her Smell?” Will this help Moss secure an acting nomination next year? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below!