Netflix and BBC One To Produce ‘Dracula’ Limited Series from ‘Sherlock’ Creators

Old texts and stories continue to find ways into the modern cultural landscape. Netflix and the BBC have begun to grab various projects receiving remakes in the modern age. Just a couple month ago, the BBC announced they will remake “The Elephant Manwith Netflix star Charlie Heaton. The two companies will also adapt Pullman’s “His Dark Materialsfranchise for the small screen. Now, they’re partnering again for a three-part limited series on “Dracula” by Bram Stoker. “Sherlock” creators Steven Moffat and Mark Gattis will produce the limited series.

According to Deadline, the new “Dracula” series will comprise of three episodes, each 90-minutes in length. This will expand the novel a little, making this one of the longest adaptations of the famed vampire’s story. The famed vampire first came into the public consciousness in 1897 after Bram Stoker published the novel. It did not immediately take off, but it was a critical darling. In an age with “Frankenstein,” Edgar Allen Poe, and other monsters finding their way into literature, “Dracula” slowly became a sensation. It also played on xenophobic fears of creatures from abroad. Obviously, the story still holds relevance to the modern world. However, many of the adaptations in recent years have focused on making “Dracula” an action franchise.

This will likely not be the case for Moffat and Gattis. Instead, expect a series closer in tone and visuals to “Bram Stoker’s Dracula” from Francis Ford Coppola. With the need to fill 4.5 hours of storytelling, Moffit and Gattis can dive deep into the text. Even today, films like “Nosferatu” and “Dracula” featuring Bela Lugosi, still hold cultural power. It’ll be curious to see what Moffit and Gattis deliver.

What do you think of the new adaptation of “Dracula” for the BBC and Netflix? Will the new tale attract Emmy attention? Who do you hope to see in the Van Helsing and Dracula roles? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.