This year, the Oscars will have a lot to consider when it comes to the music branch. The introduction of a shortlist to the original song and original score categories should add some extra excitement to the season. This will especially be the case in the Original Song category, with 2018 already becoming one of the best years for the category. We see “A Star Is Born,” “Black Panther” and “Deadpool 2” gaining attention. That doesn’t take into account the litany of great music in documentaries, which usually yield a nominee or two.

And now you can listen to another contender. Troye Sivan & Jónsi’s original song from the “Boy Erased” soundtrack, “Revelation,” hit this internet on Friday.

It is not uncommon for dramas to feature an original song contender. In fact, lots of critics have brought up “Revelation” as part of their reviews. The way an original song plays in a film further strengthens its chances. What makes this an interesting entry is that it was written by Troye Sivan, who also appears in the film. In “Boy Erased,” we follow the story of a young gay man sent to conversion therapy, and Sivan’s character is also in the program.

The race in the category has tightened up, but this one could still shine through. If “Boy Erased” hits with audiences when it releases, that should further strengthen the film’s chances in the original song category. Sivan also contributed a second song for the film, which will debut when the soundtrack becomes available next week on October 26. Until then, “Revelation” stakes its claim on the race. In fact, it already scored the film a nomination with HMMA earlier this week. Watch for this one in the race.

What do you think of the song “Revelation” from Troye Sivan & Jónsi? Do you think it is nomination worthy? What original songs are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below! 

“Boy Erased” releases on Nov. 2, 2018. Focus Features distributes. 

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