Ridley Scott to Develop ‘Gladiator 2’ With Peter Craig Set to Write


Many films take years to receive their long-demanded sequels. This becomes even more difficult when the new franchise is based on a Best Picture nominee. “Creed” returned the “Rocky” franchise to theaters almost a decade after the last entry. “The Godfather Part III” came sixteen years after “The Godfather Part II” won the prize for Best Picture. “Hannibal” stumbled into theaters a decade after “Silence of the Lambs” became the first horror film to win Best Picture. Yet that might be the closest comparison to Ridley Scott‘s latest endeavor, which will bring “Gladiator 2” into theaters.

According to Deadline, Scott has pushed to helm a sequel of his best picture-winning film, “Gladiator” from 2000. The epic film won five Oscars on the night. Russell Crowe won the Best Actor prize, but Scott went home empty-handed due to Steven Soderberg‘s double Director nominations. Still, the film has held a strong place in pop culture and film history. The technical triumph of “Gladiator” represented a big step forward for CGI. Peter Craig (“The Town;” “The Hunger Games“) will write the script for the sequel.

Scott may have received critical acclaim for “Gladiator,” but he has been hit and miss over the years. “Gladiator 2” feels like an unnecessary return to the story. Supposedly the film will follow Connie Britton‘s son from the original film. However, given the end of that film, it is unlikely Crowe or Joaquin Phoenix will return. Instead, the new story will have to stand on its own, and it is unclear what that story will tell. It is a curious move, but with Scott behind the camera, this could still become a big hit.

What do you think about “Gladiator 2” coming from Ridley Scott? Can Peter Craig crack a strong story? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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