A24 to Produce and Distribute the Next David Lowery Film, ‘The Green Knight’

David Lowery first burst onto the scene in 2013 when “Ain’t Them Body Saints” became a smash hit at Sundance Film Festival. While Lowery had directed other films in the past, the indie darling began an excellent run of films for Lowery. Since 2013, he’s released “Pete’s Dragon,” and the critical hit “A Ghost Story” in 2017. This year, he has another contender in “The Old Man and the Gun” starring Robert Redford. The director has become a strong creative force, and A24 is betting on him again. Now, A24 will help to produce and distribute his next feature, “The Green Knight.”

According to Deadline, Lowery has set his sights on telling the story of “The Green Knight” from Arthurian legend. Sir Gawain, one of Arthur’s knights, accepts the task to behead a knight known as the Green Knight. However, in return, he will have to receive an equal blow one year later, and Gawain accepts. Ultimately, Arthur tests Gawain’s loyalty in the process, and Gawain shows his devoutness to the King. The fantasy and medieval storytelling is sure to be an interesting story to adapt, and with Lowery in the driver’s seat, we could be in store for something really wild.

A24 has thrived through a business model that prioritizes low-budget filmmaking that bring back high returns. Films like “Moonlight,” “Lady Bird,” and “Hereditary” have shown the ability to rake in money through the model. Even Lowery’s “A Ghost Story” returned $1.9 million on a microbudget of $100,000. While “The Green Knight” may require a larger budget, we’ve also seen strong filmmaking occur in the $20 million range. Look no further than “The Shape of Water,” which only cost $19 million. That is likely where “The Green Knight” will fall, giving A24 a prestige picture with high production value.

What do you think of Lowery teaming up with A24 again? Do you think “The Green Knight” will help Lowery breakthrough with Oscar? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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