Amazon Orders Comedy Pilot For a Spanish From Catalina Aguilar Mastretta

Amazon Studios has begun to really spread its wings in recent years. The studio and the Amazon Prime Streaming service have looked to bring more international fare to their viewers. This has not just been through preexisting properties, but even adapting their own hit shows. The “All or Nothing” documentary series followed NFL football teams over the course of a season. However, it’s most recent season took a turn, instead focusing on Manchester City Football Club, the story introduced a more international flavor into its programming. Now, it appears Amazon is looking to add more bilingual programming, starting with a series from Catalina Aguilar Mastretta.

According to The Wrap, Amazon has hired a pilot for a romantic comedy from Mastretta. Mastretta, the director of “Everybody Loves Somebody,” will make the series a bilingual show. The comedy will follow Sara, a woman who became the pseudo-matriarch of her friend group after her parents moved back to Mexico City. She lives in Los Angeles with her friends, and they deal with the romances, careers, and experiences of young people living in the city. However, when Sara’s mother moves back to Los Angeles, she must reexamine her life and truely have her coming-of-age story, even if it’s a little late.

What makes the show special will likely be its bilingual premise. Scenes will bounce between English and Spanish, making sure that audiences have to keep up. This harkens to modern hits like “Jane the Virgin” and “Narcos,” both of which feature multilingual casts. Additionally, the classic series “Que Pasa, USA?” which was the first bilingual sitcom ever. That show had a limited run, but holds a special place for many Latinx audiences. It’ll be curious what new show looks like, but it is exciting to see Amazon diversify their slate.

What do you think of Amazon ordering the bilingual comedy pilot? Are you excited to see Catalina Aguilar Mastretta as a showrunner? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

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