Apple Teams Up with A24 To Distribute Exclusive Films for the Indie Distributor

Apple continues to make headway into the content game. For months, various television shows and documentaries have slowly been acquired by the tech behemoth. The first company ever valued at a Trillion dollars, Apple began to position itself against Amazon and Netflix. Now, they have made their biggest play yet in the content acquisition game. According to reports from Deadline and other industry trades, indie distributor A24 has agreed to produce films for Apple over the next few years.

A24 burst onto the scene in 2013, releasing hits like “The Spectacular Now” and “Spring Breakers.” However, 2015 put them in the spotlight. “Room” earned the indie distribution and production company its first Best Picture nomination. “Ex Machina” became a smash hit and won a visual effects Oscar. The very next year, A24 won Best Picture with “Moonlight” upsetting “La La Land” in the craziest Oscar ceremony ever. Today, A24 continues to push strong contenders for the Oscar. “First Reformed,” “Eighth Grade,” and “Hereditary” represent some of the biggest critical hits of the year. The indie studio that could has firmly established itself as a player in the industry.

The new deal with Apple comes at an interesting stage. For A24, several of their films are held back by their box office. However, should a film’s box office really hurt their Oscar chances? This discussion comes at the same time that Netflix begins its push for Oscars with “Roma,” “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs,” and “The Outlaw King” all receiving a push. If A24 moves some of their films to a new streaming service with Apple they could distribute their films to a larger audience. Even hits like “Lady Bird” and “Moonlight”  never crossed the $100 million threshold. A partnership with Apple may be just what the doctor ordered.

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