New Blu-Ray/DVD Releases (11/20/18) – ‘Blindspotting’ And ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

This week, two of the best-reviewed works of 2018 come to Blu-Ray and DVD. One is a groundbreaking studio romantic comedy in “Crazy Rich Asians,” while the other is a well regarded independent feature in “Blindspotting.” Both are more than worthy of honors today, so it’s a nice little slate. Read on to see more!


Crazy Rich Asians

“Crazy Rich Asians” shouldn’t have been as groundbreaking as it was. How we’ve so rarely seen something that looks like this, that just speaks to studio ignorance. In a better world than the one we live in, this would simply be a delightful romantic comedy. The fact that the mere existence of a fully Asian cast in a big budget endeavor was noteworthy is sad. That being said, the ensemble on hand here is incredibly charming. Henry Golding, Constance Wu, and Michelle Yeoh especially shine. Our rave review here on the site had this to say:

Was “Crazy Rich Asians” worth the 25-year wait? It’s definitely a good one. But that doesn’t make it okay that any underrepresented group had to wait a quarter of a century for their moment.

Rom-com fans will enjoy “Crazy Rich Asians” for what it is. Moreover, those who have been waiting to see representation will find this a welcome salve. Either way, it’s well worth picking up!

Special Features: Audio Commentary, Deleted Scenes, and more
Total Box Office: $173,604,544 (and counting)
Major Awards: None yet



One of the more highly rated indies of the year is this dark comedy/social satire. A lighter companion piece to earlier this year’s “Monsters and Men,” which wasn’t funny at all, this blends humor into the outrage. The result is a fuller work that also announces Daveed Diggs as someone to really watch out for. From back at the Sundance Film Festival, our review had this to say:

The funny moments really are funny and the serious moments are well played.

“Blindspotting” is likely to develop quite a following over the next few years. Get ahead of the curve and take it this week!

Special Features: Audio Commentary, Deleted Scenes, Featurettes, and more
Total Box Office: $4,333,394
Major Awards: None yet


In honor of this week’s release of “Creed II,” the pick today is going to be a really obvious one. It’s “Creed,” one of the most surprisingly great films of the past five years. Ryan Coogler took Sylvester Stallone, made him a supporting player in his own franchise, and blended Michael B. Jordan in seamlessly. The moment where Coogler brings in Bill Conti‘s legendary score is one of the best moments in cinema this past decade. Our rave review here on the site feted it thusly:

This sequel/spinoff is not only the best in the franchise since the first one, it’s one of the best sports dramas in some time

The sequel is tremendous as well, so be sure to revisit the last one this week in preparation!


Here’s a look at what else is hitting shelves today, besides “Blindspotting” and “Crazy Rich Asians”:

Dog Days

Mixing rom-com elements with canine companions may be a cheap way to go for your heart. That being said, it seemed to be rather effective. Our review here on the site had nice things to say, even if the suggestion was that DVD was a better spot for this one. Take a gander:

“Dog Days” isn’t the kind of movie you need to rush out and see on the big screen. But it will undoubtedly be a perfect selection for a cozy weekend in. Especially if you can share the screen with your favorite pup.

Well, now’s the right time to discover this one, as our review suggests.

Box Office: $6,809,080


This science fiction-tinged action adventure never quite makes a strong case for its own existence. Individual moments are effective, the parts never add up to enough. It’ll play better at home than in theaters, but that may be small solace to the creators. The Hollywood Reporter had this to say:

Having lit the narrative fuse, the helmers don’t always manage to keep it burning, and the intended emotional payoff arrives more as tacked-on explanation than revelatory sock to the solar plexus.

You can do better this week, plain and simple.

Box Office: $5,718,096

Skate Kitchen

An indie character study that got way less attention than Jonah Hill‘s similar “Mid90s,” they actually make an interesting pair. Plus, this is actually the stronger overall work. The feeling of being part of the lifestyle is better realized. Variety was fond of this one, writing the following:

It is first and foremost an irresistible hangout movie, offering a thoroughly millennial, vérité spin on ’80s skater classics like “Thrashin’.”

If you’re in the mood for something gritty and indie, this is another one to consider today.

Box Office: $236,799

We the Animals

Last week, this indie surprisingly led the nominations for the Film Independent Spirit Awards. It’s the sort of work that a hardcore group of fans can really get into the spotlight for a moment. In addition, it’s thought of as legitimately one of 2018’s better titles. Our take on the site is as follows:

Part coming of age tale, part sexual exploration, and part magical realism. The result is an impressively subtle film that is both heartbreaking and brilliant to watch unfold.

Cinephiles should seek this one out.

Box Office: $400,961


The Big Lebowski 20th Anniversary Limited Edition

As you all know, once in a while a re-release of something is worth briefly mentioning here. Today, we have just that, especially with the holiday shopping season upon us. It’s for “The Big Lebowski” and the occasion of it hitting 4K Ultra HD Blu-Ray in a special 20th Anniversary edition. A cult classic from Joel Coen and Ethan Coen, this comedy has a hardcore fan base. Getting to see Jeff Bridges as The Dude in 4K will be music to many an ear. Plus, as you can see, it comes in a pretty insane package. If you love the Coen Brothers, and especially this movie, it’s a must own.

Special Features: Featurettes and much more!


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