Ava DuVernay Signs a $100 Million Overall Deal with Warner Bros.

Ava DuVernay When They See Us

Ava DuVernay has undeniably become a cultural force in the past five years. The director became a huge star after directing “Selma” in 2014, quickly getting attention for her style. She later earned an Oscar-nomination for “13th,” an amazing documentary that received genuine support for Best Picture. Simultaneously, DuVernay began producing television shows like “Queen Sugar,” which gave other women the ability to cut their teeth as directors. Since then, DuVernay has been courted by many studios to make blockbusters, including Disney and Warner Bros. Today, Warner upped the ante by locking up the famed director to a $100 million production deal.

According to The Wrap, DuVernay will help conceptualize and create television for Warner Bros. Television. Her studio, Forward Movement, will create dramas, comedies, non-fiction and more as part of the deal. Strictly mentioned in the discussions was the creation of content for streaming purposes, something that will be a necessity for the upcoming Warner streaming platform. The deal will get started very quickly, with January 2019 serving as the beginning of the deal between the two companies.

For DuVernay, this locks in her power in shaping Warner Bros. content going forward. She will now have a strong hand in the television production side of a new streaming service, something few others will be able to say. This also breaks up her deal with Netflix, where she will release “The Central Park Five” Limited Series in 2019. Additionally, she already started in production of “The New Gods” for the DC Extended Universe. DuVernay has certainly accumulated a lot of power quickly. She will likely use this power to continue raising up women filmmakers. DuVernay is a great director and producer to have on your team, and Warner Bros. really lucks out with the move.

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