Daredevil Cancelled By Netflix, Ending the Series After 3 Seasons

It looks like Marvel and Netflix are moving towards an official breakup. Earlier this year, both “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist” were canceled after their second seasons. Each series has received strong reviews (“Iron Fist” Season 2 actually got good ones), and looked to head in the right direction. However, in a post-“Defenders” world, it felt like the MCU on Netflix has been unable to sustain its popularity. The latest casualty of the trend is now it’s first, and arguably its landmark, series. “Daredevil” has been canceled by Netflix after 3 seasons.

Deadline first reported the news, which features some choice language by both Netflix and Marvel. Most important of all, it does not appear this will be the last of “Daredevil,” despite the cancellation. As Netflix explained, “‘Daredevil’ will live on for Marvel.” With the Disney+ streaming service a mere year away from joining the streaming world, it is impossible to ignore that language. Will “Daredevil” be the first series to jump over to Disney+? It begs the question if “Iron Fist” or “Luke Cage” could go the same way.

However, what makes “Daredevil” stand out is the pedigree. The show ran a full season longer than the other two. Second, it was actually well acclaimed in all three seasons.

Now, Marvel and Netflix have a decision on their hands. Do “Punisher” and “Jessica Jones” survive the next few months? Frankly, it seems like it is time to drop the Marvel shows. They did not particularly light a fire in pop culture. It was a phase for both Marvel and Netflix, but with each organization looking to have full control over the IPs they own, the partnership might be doomed.

What do you think of “Daredevil” being canceled by Netflix? Do you believe it will return under the Disney+ streaming service? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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