New Wes Anderson Film ‘The French Dispatch’ Stars Murray, Swinton, McDormand and Chalamet

Wes Anderson has hit the road to shoot his next film, despite the fact he is actively in the Oscar race right now. For many, “Isle of Dogs” was a bit of a letdown, but mostly compared to his previous work.  Anderson has become a strong auteur in recent years, earning favor with the Academy for “The Grand Budapest Hotel” just four years ago. “Isle of Dogs” represents a chance to give Anderson his first Oscar with an animated feature, something the Academy already did for George Miller. Yet most eyes will already turn to his next film, “The French Dispatch,” which has already begun filming.

According to Anne Thompson of Indiewire, “The French Dispatch” will take place in France. Set during the 20th century, the story will follow three plotlines about American journalists living in Paris. Surprisingly no one, several big Anderson performers have signed on already. Among them are Frances McDormandBill Murray, and Tilda Swinton. Each collaborates with Anderson regularly, but there are newcomers as well. Timothée Chalamet will likely draw the most attention, as Hollywood’s “It” boy continues to work with auteurs. Also on board are Benicio Del Toro and Jeffrey Wright.

The trio of new cast members makes a lot of sense as Anderson performers. Chalamet is charismatic and young, and could easily spit out the zany Wes dialogue. Del Toro has proven to be very energetic and weird, giving great comedic performances in “Snatch,” “Star Wars,” and more. Wright’s stoic nature should also fit well in the colorful world’s Anderson creates. Also rumored to be attached are Natalie PortmanBrad Pitt, and Léa Seydoux, who have all worked with Anderson before. It seems like “The French Dispatch” is shaping up to be another big deal from the wacky and loveable auteur.

What do you think of the new about “The French Dispatch?” What about the potential cast? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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