WATCH: ‘Men In Black: International’ Trailer – Thompson & Hemsworth Save the Universe

While there was once hope for a “21 Jump Street” and “Men In Black” crossover, the tides have turned to a new unofficial crossover. Hot off the success of “Thor: Ragnarok,” both Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth established great chemistry as co-leads in a film. They’re both very funny, have great chemistry, and can very much handle the action set pieces for big-budget comedies. It was no surprise that Sony hoped to get more out of their partnership, and they’ve now done it with “Men In Black: International,” set to hit theaters next summer. Today we got the first trailer for the film, which reminds us why we love this pairing so much.

F. Gary Gray directs the new film in the franchise, fresh off his run in “The Fate of the Furious” for Universal. He proved his ability to set up big time action in that franchise, which looks to translate well to this one. Thompson continues her upward rise, and grabbing one of the lead roles here. She’s becoming a superstar, and taking on the fresh face role to the new franchise should help. Meanwhile, Hemsworth gets to play up his action star credentials, as well as his comedy chops. He’s a good fit for alien shenanigans, as seen in “Ragnarok,” and his charisma is undeniable.

With two new leads, the “Men In Black” franchise looks to regain it’s place in pop culture. The original trilogy was a kingmaker for Will Smith and provided some fun moments for Tommy Lee Jones. The trailer plays up some nostalgic elements, including red buttons and weird alien species. The last entry was still a fun summer blockbuster, even though it featured some diminishing returns. However, with new blood and taking adventures around the world, look for it regain prominence.

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“Men In Black International” opens June 14, 2019. Sony distributes. 

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