TV Review: Final Season of ‘You’re the Worst’ Delivers Its Finest

They have had without a doubt the most complex courtship of any couple on television. And yes, I am including Ross and Rachel. Fans of “You’re the Worst,” on FXX have been watching Jimmy (Chris Geere) and Gretchen (Aya Cash) for four seasons and are eagerly awaiting – though not enthusiastic – about their ending. Well folks, grab a glass of boxed wine and saddle up because season 5 is about to drop and it’s perfectly in line with the show. It ends on the highest of notes.

We last saw Gretchen getting it on with Boone for the last few episodes of last season. That was before hitching a ride in Jimmy’s passenger seat and accepting his proposal of marriage – literally in the final minutes of season 4. In other words, typical Jimmy and Gretchen. Season 5 is much much much of the same. Side note here; do not let the first episode make you want to throw out the entire season with the trash juice – it’s shall we say, a divisive way to start the final season.

Moving on…season 5 spends a good deal of time watching Gretchen and Jimmy prepare for their upcoming nuptials. While last season saw Gretchen and Jimmy mostly apart, this next season has them together. Well, as “together” as the couple can be with anyone.

But, that is part of the magic of the two-some. Gretchen and her self destructive, depressed, and cynical nature alone is about five notches below ‘unlikeable’ on the scale of humanity. Pair that with Jimmy’s narcissistic, and surly ways and you’ve got a couple that is truly terrible in every sense of the word. Together though, they find acceptance and love, proving that sometimes the worst people make the best companions.

YOU’RE THE WORST – Pictured (l-r): Kether Donohue as Lindsay, Aya Cash as Gretchen, Desmin Borges as Edgar, Chris Geere as Jimmy. CR: Pamela Littky/FXX

The show on the surface is and has been about a group of friends and a constant contest of who actually, is the worst. Each has had their chance at the championship no doubt. However, under the surface of this seemingly romantic comedy is life. Real life. Ugly, unbearably uncomfortable, put your head under a pillow and cry yourself to sleep life. This modern look at love explores depression – real depression – not what a Zoloft commercial would have you believe. Insecurities are found in the characters of YTW more than #NewYearNewMe is seen on January 1. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is traumatic. All the while it has made these topics a bit more bearable in characters that we, the audience, have come to love because of their faults, not in spite of them. YTW reminds us that life is excruciating, but, also remarkable. Everyone is worthy of love. Everyone. No matter how terribly toxic you are.

So, do Jimmy and Gretchen get hitched? Well, you will have to wait, watch, and wail when you find out for yourselves in April when the finale airs.

This last season does not disappoint (apart from the aforementioned first episode).


The last season features some flash forwards sprinkled throughout (think season 2 of “Breaking Bad”). While this is an overused technique in television, this one is used effectively. It will leave the audience guessing the outcome to the very last few minutes of the series. And while the flashes are explained, you have to take into consideration they are explained to the baseline of “You’re the Worst,” not your average television show. In other words, it was a risky move, but one that does pay off.

The writing of the final season is superb. Epic speeches are delivered in every single episode. Be it outside smoking a cigarette or inside a mini-mart.

“Who knows what our lives will be?

We can make these big declarations. Or worse, we think it means something, so we force ourselves to be this. Even though, it’s not who we are anymore.

But, I am who I am.

I am too… for now.”

That is just one scene of countless dialogues that roll from the mouths of the characters like silk.

Fans of the show have grown quite fond of ‘Sunday Funday.’ Well, get ready because there’s one in the final season. The coed bachelor/bachelorette party takes place on a party bus and may or may not involve a murder.

Gretchen finds out she likes her job. And, shocker here, she isn’t that bad at it. But, not to worry all, she will find a way to ‘Gretchen’ it. Jimmy sells his book to be made into a movie. However, not all come up ‘Hollywood’ with him.

YOU’RE THE WORST – Pictured: Desmin Borges as Edgar. CR: Pamela Littky/FXX

Conversely, Edgar (Desmin Borges) has one of the most satisfying transformations of not only the season but also the entire show. Edgar finds his voice and his own self-value/worth in the most satisfying character arcs of the show. Throughout the season he is placed inside a comedy writing room, works with Jimmy, and makes a case for the least ‘worst’ person in the group. Or, as Lindsay would tell him – he’s the dumb one of the group. On the contrary, he is the soul of the core foursome. IF there is an ordinary character that comes out of this unhealthy foursome its Edgar. Heck, he can hold his head up with deserved pride as this show comes to an end. He is perhaps the most earnest and selfless of the characters. Borges creates a magnetism with the role of Edgar is rarely seen on the small screen. He ends the season with grace, an absolute far cry from where he started in season 1. Arguably one of the most outstanding scenes from Borges comes in the second to last episode. Both he and Jimmy are at a bar, and Edgar delivers an honorable, human plea that is nothing short of superior. In fact, if he isn’t found on an award ballot next year a letter to the 106th Congress shall be drafted at once.

As outstanding as that scene is it is second to only one. It comes to the audience in the season finale between Gretchen (Cash) and Edgar (Borges). It’s simple – taking place in a jeep: no noise, just dialogue. Ovary wrenching, tear duct dehydrating, stick to you like dog hair – heartbreaking scene. It’s cruel and bitter, and absolutely delivers a performance worthy of the writing and the show. It’s brutal and beautiful.

YOU’RE THE WORST – Pictured: Kether Donohue as Lindsay. CR: Pamela Littky/FXX

Lindsay (Kether Donohue) is not without growth this final season either. Though hers comes a little later on in the season. If there were a Patron Saint of Selfishness, it would be Lindsay. But, she would also make a great runner-up for the Patron Saint of Hilarity. Her sweet obliviousness makes her charming and endearing that equal her cast mates. It’s been her go-to for the length of the series. She too finds her true self. Of course, it being Lindsay it comes after an in-office romance of the same sex kind. She comes to one of the most incredible, and relatable, self-realization of the show. She just wants to be loved. Who on this earth can’t relate to that?

There is still plenty of belly-laughs from her brother-in-law Vernon (Todd Robert Anderson). He is possibly the best physical actor among the cast. He is just fun and funny. His onscreen wife, Becca Barbara (Janet Varney) matches his quirkiness as best as she can with the storyline. Sadly, there isn’t a ton of storyline for the twosome in the show. And that leads us to Paul (Allan McLeod). Poor Paul. He’s the loveable ex-husband to Lindsay who has always served as the moral compass of the show. He remains so. And, without spoiling too much, he gets a happy ending that may be a surprise for some of the audience given his history.

To put it simply, this last season delivers in the best worst way.

“You’re the Worst” premieres on FXX on Wednesday, Jan. 9

GRADE: (★★★★)

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