Streaming Circuit (1/11/19) – What’s Coming and Going From Your Favorite Platforms including ‘Eighth Grade’

Welcome to the Streaming Circuit, a look at what’s going to be available each week to watch in the comfort of your own home. For those of you hoping to find some quality viewing options without leaving the house, this is the column for you!

Best Bet

The Last Laugh” (Netflix Film)

A new Netflix original film, this comedy is a Chevy Chase vehicle, which you don’t hear too often anymore. Chase co-stars with Richard Dreyfuss, Andie MacDowell, and Kate Micucci in this comedic road trip. Chase plays a talent manager who talks Dreyfuss’ client character into leaving their retirement home and heading out on an adventure across America. Could it be cliche? Sure. Could it also be a lot of fun? Absolutely. This is the plot synopsis:

When retired talent manager Al Hart is reunited with his first client, Buddy Green, a comic who quit show business 50 years ago, he convinces Buddy to escape their retirement community and hit the road for a cross-country comedy tour.

Chase paired with Dreyfuss could definitely be amusing. Plus, the more we get to see of MacDowell and Micucci, the better! Look for “The Last Laugh” on Netflix on the 11th.

New On Streaming

Amazon Prime

  • “Eighth Grade”
  • “Final Score”
  • “Informer: Season 2” (Amazon Prime Original series)


  • “Brooklyn Nine-Nine: Season 6”
  • “Burden of Truth: Complete Season 1”
  • “Future Man: Complete Season 2” (Hulu Original)
  • “Kusama — Infinity”


  • “The Battle of the Sexes”
  • “The Italian Straw Hat”
  • “Storm Over Asia”


  • “Friends from College: Season 2” (Netflix Original)
  • “ReMastered: Massacre at the Stadium” (Netflix Original)
  • “Sex Education” (Netflix Original)
  • “Solo: A Star Wars Story”
  • “When Heroes Fly” (Netflix Original)


  • “American: The Bill Hicks Story”
  • “Love And Mercy”

Catch It Before It’s Gone

It Follows” (Netflix)

Netflix will be removing this modern horror classic from David Robert Mitchell soon, and that’s a shame. One of the most creative takes on the genre in some time, it’s just a towering achievement. Mitchell, along with cinematographer Mike Gioulakis, gives this a distinctive look that you won’t be able to shake. Ditto for Rich Vreeland‘s score, which gets under your skin and stays there. Throw in the star-making turn from Maika Monroe and it’s just success after success for this film. From our rave review here on the site:

From the striking imagery and brilliant cinematography to the addictive score, everything behind the camera is fairly perfect, so it’s a delight that the acting holds up too, particularly the lead performance from Maika Monroe.

Be sure to revisit or finally check this title out before Netflix takes it off of their streaming service on the 13th. “It Follows” deserves your attention!

Coming Off Streaming

Amazon Prime

  • “Cameraperson” (Amazon Prime)
  • “Monsters Ball” (Amazon Prime)


  • “Air Force One”
  • “Aloha”
  • “Children of Men”
  • “Fight Club”
  • “Jerry Maguire”


  • “Attack on Titan: Season 1” (Netflix)
  • “Best Friends Whenever: Seasons 1 and 2” (Netflix)
  • “The Spoils Before Dying: Season 1” (Netflix)