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Today we’re wishing a very Happy Birthday to Jim Carrey. The rubber-faced actor is 57 on this day. Nominated for seven Golden Globe Awards in his career so far, Carrey has yet to see that translate into an Oscar citation. Even with a pair of Globe wins, his comedic and dramatic turns have been ignored by the Academy. So, we want to ask you how you’d rectify that. Which performance of his is the one you’d have nominated him for?

If you look at his Golden Globe nominations for a guide, there are a handful of high-quality options. Among his winning performances, he took home Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical for “Man on the Moon,” as well as Best Actor in a Drama the year prior for “The Truman Show.” Both were considered Academy Award worthy, though neither ultimately translated, even with the latter being nominated elsewhere. Then, there’s his heartbreaking turn in “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” considered by many to be his crowning dramatic achievement. Or, you could go with one of his nominated comedic performances, like “Liar Liar” perhaps?

Maybe you want to go a bit off of the beaten path with this question? “The Mask” maybe? Or, possibly something not even Globe nominated, like “Bruce Almighty,” “The Cable Guy,” or “I Love You Phillip Morris?” Carrey may have missed his time with the Academy Awards, but you have the power to let us know their most egregious mistake. The choice is yours.

Which performance of his was most worthy of an Oscar nomination? Let us know what the big Jim Carrey snub is to you!

Which Jim Carrey Performance Is The One You Wish He’d Been Oscar Nominated For?

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