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Nothing appears harder to do in Hollywood than to make a good movie based off of a video game. Often, it seems to actually be impossible for anyone to pull off. Decades have gone by and the output has ranged from mediocre to unwatchable. The majority of films based on video games have been bad, plain and simple. So, today we’re taking the decision away from producers/studio heads and putting it in your hands. What video game would you look to make into a movie that would reverse this trend?

Depending on the type of video games that you like, the options are endless. One series that almost became a blockbuster franchise was “Halo,” though that never quite reach the starting line. A potentially interesting game series to consider here is “Mass Effect.” Epic science fiction mixed with action has a chance, at least. Gamers got incredibly passionate about this epic and mature story, there could actually be a theatrical-quality screenplay buried within.

If properties like “Batman” are eligible, a film based on the “Arkham” trilogy has a chance to be really special. The landscape is littered with terrible movies based on games, ones that took can’t miss characters and wildly missed. So, maybe the Caped Crusader could save the day? Especially as the character is being rebooted on-screen, it might be the perfect time to cross worlds and try this experiment out. The video games are arguably already cinematic, so part of the work is done.

Which video games could actually make for good movies? We’re all ears, so let us know!

Which Video Games Do You Think Would Actually Make For Good Films?

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