Circuit Q&A – What Are Your Predictions for the PGA Awards?

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The Producers Guild of America is about to crown a potential Best Picture frontrunner in the Oscar race. The winner of the top PGA prize will see Academy Awards in their eyes, and rightly so. This Guild can often be a harbinger of big things to come. So, with the awards ceremony just about upon us, what are you hoping to see come out of the announcement?

Some of you might want them to give a bump to one of the top-tier contenders. That would mean rooting for either “Roma” or “A Star Is Born” to emerge victoriously. A win for either might just make them unstoppable. However, maybe you want a tight three-way race on Oscar night? In that case, you may be pulling for “Green Book” to take the prize? One of these films is likely walking out of the show with a big win, which would, in turn, put them on an even higher trajectory towards Oscar glory.

On the flip-side, maybe you want the PGA vote to create chaos? Giving their prestigious honor to “BlacKkKlansman” or “Black Panther” would certainly start to write a whole new narrative for Best Picture. The same would be the case if “Bohemian Rhapsody,” “The Favourite,” or “Vice” took home the prize. Any of those outcomes would be a nuclear explosion in awards season. If you like last-minute insanity, that’s how you should want the wind to blow. Maybe you want something even nuttier, like a tie?

What would you all like to see the Producers Guild do to keep the race interesting? Sound off below!

What Do You Hope To See The PGA Vote Do For The Awards Race?

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