Circuit Q&A – What Are the Biggest Animated Feature Snubs at the Oscars?


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Early next month, the Annie Awards will be handed out, giving animation a well deserved moment in the sun. Sure, the Academy Awards have two categories exclusive to animated fare, but the Annies are all about the medium. In many cases, they honor things that Oscar would just never get around to citing. To coincide with the upcoming show, we want to see which animated outings have been the biggest snubs to you. Which animated features would be ones you’d have nominated if you had your druthers? We want to know which movies deserved extra attention, yet received little to none.

In the days before the Academy had a Best Animated Feature category, it was basically unheard of for animation to score with Oscar. Yes, “Beauty and the Beast” notoriously made the Best Picture field, but that was it in that era. When you think back on other Disney classics like “The Lion King,” they were not able to crack that lineup. The same goes for “The Iron Giant,” among many others. If you were animated back in the day, a snub more or less came along with the territory.

More recently, the big snub of note was “The LEGO Movie,” which somehow did not score a Best Animated Feature nomination. Then, there are tons of foreign contenders that voters just don’t connect with. Out of any Academy Award category, this is the most mainstream. The occasional small surprise does slip through, but by and large, those end up snubbed.

With the Annie Awards fast approaching, which Animated Films have been the most worthy of Oscar attention, yet snubbed by the Academy? Let us know!

What Are Some Of Your Favorite Unjustly Snubbed Animated Films?

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