Circuit Q&A – What Were Your Favourite Razzie Nominations?

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The Golden Raspberry Awards are an odd duck. On the one hand, they act as a sort of bizarro world Academy Awards. On the other, they almost never actually cite the worst films of a given year. This makes the Razzies feel like a missed opportunity. Maybe they’re not even worth our attention. Today, we ask you just that question. How do you feel about them? Are the Razzies worth any fuss at all?

At their best, the Razzies can be enjoyable. Sometimes, even actors or actresses get in on the gentle ribbing. Notably, both Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry showed up to accept their statues. Bullock for “All About Steve” and Berry for her infamous role as “Catwoman” in 2004. A dubious honor, to be sure, but one that someone with a good sense of humor can get a kick out of. That sort of lighthearted embrace of career mistaken only endears you more to the public. When that happens, the Razzies represent a bit of fun.

The flip-side to all of that is how lazy the Razzies seem to be. Do the Golden Raspberry nominations ever seem to be representative of what actually sucked that year? The answer is no. They hone in on big productions with A-list stars that flopped. Sure, some of them are bad. A few are even atrocious. Are they the worst? Not even close. That focus takes away from any small level of credibility that the organization might otherwise have.

What do you make of the Golden Raspberry Awards? Are they fun? Are they a joke? Something in between? We’re all ears!

What Are Your Thoughts On The Razzies And Their Awards?

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