Circuit Q&A – Who Have Been Your Favorite Oscar Hosts?

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Maybe you’ve heard, but the Academy Awards likely won’t have a host this year. Strange, to be sure. Today, on what is actually comedian and former Oscar host Ellen DeGeneres‘ 61st birthday, we want to know who your favorite hosts have been. Is any host better than no host? Or, maybe the lack of a host is what you’ve been waiting for all along? Either side of the argument has a case that can legitimately be made.

Plenty of folks are suckers for the classics, and rightly so. Billy Crystal and Bob Hope are high up there in the rafters of all time great hosts. However, they’re hardly the only options to choose from here. You might be partial to when the Academy Awards ran out multiple hosts at once, all sharing the gig? Especially considering what 2019 will bring, maybe that has a nostalgic value?

Among newer hosts, your mileage may vary, though there’s no shortage of options. Jimmy Kimmel definitely represented a solid middle ground, but maybe you wanted something edgier? If so, perhaps Seth MacFarland was someone you wish would be invited back? Considering his musical background, he had a chance to be a mainstay as host. Or, the aforementioned DeGeneres might float your boat? Plus, especially if you were into the group selfie that she orchestrated, you could certainly lean her way.

Well, the choice is now yours and yours alone. Forget the AMPAS decision makers who can’t make an actual decision. Tying in with Ellen DeGeneres’ birthday, we’re super curious: who have been your favorite Academy Award hosts? Let us know!

Which Oscar Hosts Have Been Your Favorites?

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