Circuit Q&A – What New Category at the Oscars Do You Want to See?

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The powers that be who handle the Academy Awards are a weird bunch. Often, it seems like they’re trying to cater to an audience who doesn’t actually watch the Oscars, and never will. What they should be doing, is making Hollywood’s Biggest Night an even bigger celebration of film. Today, we’re tasking you with an important decision that those honchos have long shied away from. Yes, we want you to implement a new Oscar category.

There are a few that have long been speculated about. Could you back a Best Casting type category? Maybe something closer to Best Cast Ensemble or Best Stunt Coordinator? Especially with Casting and Stunts, the Guilds have been pushing for their inclusion for years now. Thinking a little more outside the box, what about Best Voice Performance? Imagine in an alternate world, Robin Williams having a statue for “Aladdin?” None of these would dilute the Oscars one bit. If anything, it would show another reason why movies need incredible below the line work and deserve to see that aspect honored on Oscar night.

Maybe you actually want that Popular Film category to happen? If so, there’s no shame in it. Perhaps you’d like something else along those lines? Expanding who and what is honored by the Academy isn’t a bad thing. AMPAS has fumbled this ball before, so you won’t have to try too hard to come up with a better idea. Especially considering what might happen this year with the Academy Award, your submission here may well be needed.

We’re putting the decision in your hands. If you could add a category to the Academy Awards, what would it be? Let us know!

What Would Your Preferred New Oscar Category Be?

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