Circuit Q&A – What Are Your Favorite Christian Bale Performances?


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Today we wish a very Happy Birthday to Christian Bale. 45 years old now, the talented actor may only be days away from becoming a two-time Academy Award winner. Already a four-time Oscar nominee, Bale has become a voters’ darling recently. However, they’ve snubbed him a few times too. Those are the performances we want to focus on for this post. Which Bale performances that weren’t Oscar nominated gave been your favorites?

As you know, Bale has been nominated in Best Actor for “American Hustle” and “Vice,” with the latter potentially his latest winning role. As for Best Supporting Actor, he was nominated for “The Big Short” and won for “The Fighter.” Essentially, if he works with Adam McKay or David O. Russell, the Academy cites him. At the same time, that leaves out a ton of Oscar-caliber work from the man.

The choices are myriad. You could pick one of his Batman turns in “Batman Begins,” “The Dark Knight,” or “The Dark Knight Rises?” Maybe you’re partial to one of his earlier masterclasses, like with “American Psycho” or “The Machinist?” His other Christopher Nolan turn in “The Prestige” certainly has more than its share of fans. When it comes to Bale, he almost exclusively turns in performances that have Oscar potential. Today, it’s just a matter of sifting through the snubs by the Academy and seeing which one floats your boat the most.

On his birthday, we put this question to you. What are your three favorite Bale roles that weren’t nominated for an Oscar? Let us know!

Which Non-Oscar Nominated Turns By Bale Have Been Your Favorites?

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