Circuit Q&A – What Are Your Favorite Animated Films of All-Time?

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Tonight brings the Annie Awards, a night where the best in animated fare gets a moment in the sun. Far more than just a medium for children, the genre often can showcase some of the most interesting artistic choices in cinema. To that end, we’re curious about what takes the animated cake for you. What are your favorite animated movies of all time?

For many, either Disney or Pixar has made something that ranks as your all-time favorite. The former, whether in the days of Walt Disney or the Golden Age of the 1990s, has offered up classic after classic. “Beauty and the Beast” (nominated for Best Picture) and “The Lion King” are perfections. The latter company, representing the modern gold standard for animation, has redefined the game. Look at the “Toy Story” trilogy or “WALL-E,” for example. Those animated works stand tall with anything ever put out into the world. It only made sense for the two corporate titans to eventually team up. There’s a through-line that can be followed from Walt all the way to what Pixar is up to right now.

On the flip-side, and tying into the Annies, maybe you’re of the opinion that “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” is an all-time already? The animated take on the comic book character has blown audiences away, and rightly so. Showcasing how unique an animated superhero can be not only is making fans the world over, it’s poised to take home an Academy Award this month as well.

With the Annie Awards tonight, what are you favorite animated films of all time? Let us know!

What Are Your Favorite Animated Films Of All Time?

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