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WATCH: All the Trailers from Super Bowl LIII: ‘Toy Story,’ ‘Captain Marvel,’ and ‘Us’

Last night, audiences from around the world gathered to watch the New England Patriots take home their sixth Lombardi trophy. In a rematch of the World Series last year, LA versus New England went the same way again. Yet for entertainment and pop culture fans, the Super Bowl is an excellent place to debut the next big shows of the year. A lot of studios took advantages, and we’ve collected the Super Bowl trailers and teasers here.


With each new trailer, “Us” continues to look creepier and creepier. There should not be any surprise the film has the hype for this film continues to go up. The film will be the first legitimate starring role for Lupita Nyong’o since her Oscar win, and that feels like a disservice in itself. Most exciting of all, Jordan Peele seems to be pushing even further in this one. One thing aspect that already looks stronger than “Get Out” looks to be the cinematography. It’ll be curious to see if Peele can become the Oscar mainstay many of us hope he will become.

“The Twilight Zone” 

Speaking of Jordan Peele, let’s jump straight into the teaser for the return of “The Twilight Zone” anthology series. Spurred on by Peele, the series will return in April of this year for CBS All-Access. This should help to gain some strong interest in the platform, that already boasts “Star Trek Discovery” and “The Good Fight” as exclusive programming. Peele will step into the Rod Sterling role, and he feels like a strong performer to take over the role. Fingers crossed for this one, which already has an all-star lineup to headline the episodes.

Toy Story 4″

It seems that Mr. Peele had a busy couple 2018, with another project that required his voice. “Toy Story 4” will be one of the blockbuster events of the summer, and we got a good look at Peele and his comedy partner Keegan-Michael Key in the teaser. The two look to be a silly, almost Statler and Waldorf type for the film and should be a fun new element to the gang. Most exciting of all was the return of Bo Peep (Annie Potts) to the series. Fun stuff looks to be on the horizon for Pixar’s landmark franchise.

“Avengers: Endgame” 

The small team left over from “The Snap” gears up to do battle one last time. It’ll be curious to see which of our favorite Avengers return from the brink, and which ones will be joining our dusted friends in a more permanent state of slumber. Chris Evans gets the standout moments in the trailer, and considering how little he was used in “Infinity War” it is about time. As if we didn’t need reminding of the “stakes,” our dusted heroes flashed before our eyes. Thanks, Marvel. As if we needed the reminder.

Captain Marvel

It might just be me, but I now want an entire film of Brie Larson doing “Top Gun” things. That seems to potentially be at play in some form with the new “Captain Marvel” trailer. As if we needed the reminder, she has continued to pave the way to become of the most exciting heroes in the MCU. She will be joining our Avengers team at some point, but let’s be honest, with the way she can fly through space ships, it does not look like she needs the help. Higher. Further. Faster.

“Game of Thrones” 

This was the oddest commercial of the Super Bowl that wasn’t offensive in some way. No one pegged Bud Light and “Game of Thrones” to cross over, but here we are. To be fair, there’s nothing particularly unique about the trailer. It’s just reused footage/gags from the show. Still, you can’t deny the phenomenon that is “Thrones” will be hard at work when it’s time to return. Watching a reenactment of the Viper’s death was quite the moment. Franken-Mountain returns.

“Hobbs and Shaw” 

We got a full-length trailer of the “Hobbes and Shaw” trailer from earlier in the week. With Jason Stathem and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in the drivers seat of the spin-off, count us in for the new adventure. Clearly, they both have the comedic skills and self-awareness to usher the franchise in a new direction. Thank god, because even as someone who considers himself a fan, the recent films have been a little too self-serious for their own good. Idris Elba proves they’re going all in on this tone. Vanessa Kirby should have a lot of fun coming off of “Mission: Impossible – Fallout” last year.

“The Handmaid’s Tale” Season 3 Teaser

As someone who praised the last two seasons with four-star reviews (season 1 and season 2), I have to admit I am not excited for Season 3. Sure, the show features some of the best performances on television. However, there seems to be no light in this one at all. What is the point of watching a show that drags its characters and audiences through the mud, only to end at very depressing moments? I hope the show finds something new in the formula, rather than ending every episode like I’m supposed to attend a funeral.


One of Amazon’s new shows they hope to catch on “Hanna” made a big splash last night. They aired tons of ads during the Golden Globes as well, and it sure feels like a priority. Based on the Joe Wright film of the same name, the series follows a young girl trained to become a super solider, hunter, and survivalist. Perhaps most exciting about the new show was the annoucnement that the first episode woudl be put online for 24 hours. If you’re reading this before late Monday night, check out the pilot now. The rest of the episodes will release later this Spring.

“Alita: Battle Angel” 

For a movie that felt destined to bomb, this one looks suprisingly fun. The visual effects look better and more defined than “Ready Player One” last year, and the cast looks like they’re having fun. This was a good move by Fox, who hopes the film can become an early hit in 2019. With Mahershala Ali and Jennifer Connely taking on bigger roles in this trailer, this one could spark interest. The instance on the 3D format will be interesting, as many have recently begun to voice nostalgia for the days of Avatar. Just a weird observation from someone who listens to a lot of podcasts that could factor into its box office.

Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” 

Last but not least, “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” comes from executive producer Guillermo del Toro. The film will be directed by André Øvredal and gives quite a bit of hope to fans of the books. Look for the feature, which releases August 9, 2019, to tell the story of a group of young people looking to solve the mystery of their town. It seems to derive some inspiration from the “Stranger Things” and “It” films of the world, but apply it to a slightly older demographic of teenagers. This could be a hit later this summer, so keep an eye on it.

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